Day – O! Day – O!

Are all letter days equal in the eyes of WMS students? Or are some more equal than others?

Here is a poll which shoiws what students think.

  • A day: 3
  • B day: 7
  • C day: 6
  • D day: 8
  • E day: 7

“D’ day wins!

“A” day loses Boooooo

A day: Well on A days I have red block first and I always like to start my day in social studies with Mr. Lenz, says a 6th grade student in the David cluster.

B day: Well I’m in 7th grade and I get to skip math that day so I like it, says a 7th grade student.

C day: I like C days because I have study hall last block and I get to pick the homework I want to do because I have already had all of my classes, says a 6th grade student in the David cluster

D day: D days are good because I have all of my harder classes in the morning and the easier ones at the end of the day, says a 7th grade student.

E days: They are the best I mean it goes in rainbow order!! Not to mention I have all of my chore classes and then a study hall before social studies, says  6th grade student Alexis George in the David cluster.

By Alexis George

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