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The Weekly E-Sports Review by Ari Zuckerman and Raymond Xu with art by Justin Cai

Art by Justin Cai

       ____________   ___        ___    ______

       |____      ____|  |      |      |      |  |    ____|

               |      |          |      |___|      |  |    |___

               |      |          |       ___       |  |     ___|

               |      |          |      |      |      |  |    |____

               |___|          |___|      |___|  |______|     

Welcome to the weekly esports review. At the time of writing, we are now 2 weeks away from the first game at ELEAGUE MAJOR BOSTON 2018, the biggest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive tournament ever. Here we will give you the overview of the teams that I think will do well. With players like ScreaM and KennyS coming, it will be a close fight for the prize pool. Justin, average 12 year old middle schooler states “That’s a lot of money for a video game tournament.” P.S.: WHY NO MYTHIC? WE NEED SUMMIT TO 1g.

Space Soldiers

After how well they have done recently, this new team has a chance.

Team Envy

If screaM plays like Screamy always does, then they are the real problem for big teams like BIG and

Team Liquid

That time they took down SK at ESL One New York 2017 was amazing. If they play like that, they have a high chance of winning.



tarik and n0thing are the perfect combo, they are a deadly pair.


G2 Esports

Shox, KennyS, and NBK- are amazing players, they need to play in sync to win.



IT IS NOT THE FaZe YOU KNOW. That is a COD team. This is their better team because they weren’t in that gambling scam last year. They have a 2/4.3 chance of winning according to, so olofmiester and GuardiaN will be rich when they go home.         

Downed by Ayaan Rashid

The plane was in a 45 degree nosedive as I wrestled with the yoke to control the plane. I could hear passengers screaming with fear. How am I going to slow down this plane? My arms burned as I reached forward, and pulled the lever to deploy the speed brakes to 100%. My whole body was falling forward; the only thing holding me in was my belt that carved into my stomach. I must have lost all of my air; my heart beat faster, and I was panting to stay conscious. I used all of my strength to reach forward, and grab the control column. I gripped it so tightly my knuckles turned white. I heaved it all the way back, my muscles tightened as I struggled to hold the yoke back. The plane slowly pulled up, exerting a great deal of G-force on the airframe and everyone on board. My legs stiffened so much that I couldn’t feel them. They must have hit the rudder pedals because the plane yawed left and right a little bit. I ignored the passengers’ wails as best as I could. One of the overhead baggage compartments got unlatched, allowing suitcases to fly about the cabin. As the overspeed alarm continued to go off, I was thrown into the bottom corner of my seat. The altimeter on my instrument panel now read 3,000 feet.

The plane plummeted at an extremely dangerous rate of descent at 25,000 feet per minute. While the rate of descent had slowed to 10,000 feet per minute, we were still alarmingly close to the ground. The altimeter was violently spinning counter-clockwise. When we hit the 2,000 foot mark, what felt like every terrain alarm blared. Pull Up Terrain, pull up terrain, pull u-terrai-pull u-terrain… All of the alarms blurred together into one undecipherable word.

At 1,000, feet I looked at First Officer Charlie Walters. His resigned eyes looked back at me as he picked up the phone, and said solemnly, “This is your First Officer. Brace for impact.” I gazed up from the instrument panel and felt a strange sense of peace. My muscles relaxed as I saw an open, lush, green field, dotted with grazing sheep. The yoke fell back into a neutral position. We’re not going to hit the ground. There were a few men running in and out of a deep red barn in the distance. One of them looked to the sky, and they stopped in their tracks and looked straight at me. We can’t hit the ground! The men dropped everything in their hands and ran to the sides of the farm.

Oh, God, no. There was a loud bang. Then everything went black.

An Interview with Mr. Rich by Anshuman Parulekar


Interviewer: Thank you for joining me today.

Mr. Rich: Thank you for having me.

Interviewer: What did you think about the University of Miami’s loss?

Mr. Rich: I was terribly disappointed.

Interviewer: Did you think they would have won if it was in Miami?

Mr. Rich: I always have faith that the Canes will pull through.

Interviewer: What do you think about the Miami Dolphins versus New England game tonight.

Mr. Rich: I think there will be a surprise victory tonight, I think the Patriots are getting a little too cocky and they need to be taught a lesson in humility.

Interview: I see, very bold.


Interviewer: Hello there again.

Mr. Rich: Nice to be here again.

Interviewer: Okay, First question. I know that you predicted the Dolphins to win but was there any science or logic behind your pick?

Mr. Rich: Only that the Patriots struggle in Miami and I thought that they were due for a loss.

Interviewer: So right now the NFC Playoff picture is a bit hazy but with Aaron Rodgers supposedly coming back and the Packers set to face off against 3 playoff-hungry teams to end the season in the Panthers, Vikings and Lions. Also two of those teams in the Vikings and Lions stand in the Packers’ way of yet another NFC North Division Title. Do you think when and if Aaron Rodgers comes back the NFC Playoff Picture will be turned upside down?

Mr. Rich: I think when Aaron Rodgers comes back he will be a man possessed and the Packers will make a big playoff push.

Interviewer: Staying in the NFC, something tragic happened this weekend. One of the best young stars in the game and MVP candidate Carson Wentz tore his ACL on a one-yard touchdown run against the Rams. Adding on to the injury, the touchdown was called back because of a penalty. Wentz, who leads the league in touchdown passes with 33, stayed in for a few more plays and then headed to the locker room. When I saw him walking back in, I knew something was wrong. Nobody knew what the injury was until it was revealed by Head Coach Doug Peterson Monday morning. Wentz will be out for the remainder of the season and the playoffs. This news was confirmed by “WMS Sports Analyst, Carson Boyer.” Here he is now: “As a big fan of Carson Wentz, I was devastated to hear that he was injured. I think that the Eagles will still do well with Jay Ajayi.” OK, that is Carson Boyer’s Take. How does this affect the MVP race and more importantly the playoffs?

Mr. Rich: I think the Eagles are in big trouble without Wentz. This league is driven by star quarterbacks – if you don’t have one, you can’t go very far. I think the NFC playoff picture just got blown wide open with this injury.

Aaron Rodgers May Be Set To Return by Anshuman Parulekar

Breaking News!

We have just gotten word about Aaron Rodgers’ CT Scan.

A day after the Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had his all-important first CT scan to find out how his fractured collarbone is healing, there is still no word on his status. Coach Mike McCarthy called it a medical decision and said it is up to Aaron Rodgers on Monday and said the team is conferring with several experts. “I do not have a clean decision for you,” he added. After looking at several sources, Rodgers clearance is more complex that just saying the bone is healed.

I know all of you want more but this is all for right now.


By: Anshuman Parulekar



Animals Have a Soul, Don’t Put Them In Your Bowl: Why People Shouldn’t Eat Meat by Catherine Houde

“If you were stranded on an island, and to survive you had to eat meat, would you?” I have been asked this question in my life more times then I can remember, and my answer is yes. Humans would do almost anything to survive in a foreign and dangerous place. My question for you is, if you lived in a place where you didn’t have to harm innocent animals to survive and be healthy, would you choose not to eat them? For most meat eaters out there I’m guessing that the answer is no. Most people eat meat because they think it tastes good, but at the cost of a living breathing creature, is it worth it?

First, a vegetarian diet is one of the best ways to have a healthy diet. Plants are full of everything you need to live a healthy and happy life without taking the life of an innocent animal. According to the American Dietetic Association, “appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.” On top of that, many studies have proven that in America, vegetarians have better health rates than carnivores. I have been a vegetarian all my life, and I have never had anything more than a common cold that lasted a day or two. You can get everything you need from a vegetarian diet.
Despite this, some might say that meat has a good nutritional value. Meat has a good amount of protein in it. Although, this may be true, meat is not the best way to get protein. Things like dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds have a lot of protein also. The organization One Green Planet says ¨Here’s the facts. We need to eat foods that supply us with the nine essential amino acids that our bodies can’t make on their own. Some plant-based foods have all of them (quinoa, buckwheat, soy, chia and hempseed) while others have a mix of some and not others. As long as foods like legumes, nuts, seeds, whole grains, fruits and vegetables are consumed daily, you’re getting everything you need and more.¨ Furthermore, plants are the best way to get protein because you don’t need to kill an animal to get it.

Secondly, you will prevent cruelty to animals. Most people eat meat because they say it tastes good. Did you know that some animals in the US are treated so horribly that they are trapped inside a factory, in a small container where they can’t even turn around? How good does that piece of meat really taste when you know that poor cow or pig may have never even seen the light of day? How good does that meat really taste when you know an animal was viciously slaughtered just so you could have a burger. For Example, AnimalEquality – a website dedicated to animal rights-says “Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year by humans. These shocking figures do not even include fish and other sea creatures whose deaths are so great they are only measured in tons.” We are killing very intelligent, living, breathing animals everyday just so we can have their meat. We have no right to take whatever we want and not care what we have to do to get it. If we were in their shoes it would be awful. Kept in a small area, being fed extra food to fatten you up just so you can be a nice big blob of meat on someone’s plate. Being raised just so you can get murdered. We should start treating these animals with respect, and letting them live a happy life as long as they should live.

Finally, producing livestock is one of the largest drivers of habitat loss. The more animals we are raising for food the more farmers expand their farms to increase the amount of cattle they can have. When they extend their property they are clearing trees and other places animals call home. Gidon Eshel, a geophysicist at Bard College in Annandale-On-Hudson, New York, who studies how human diets affect the environment, says. “Now we can say, only slightly fancifully: You eat a steak, you kill a lemur in Madagascar. You eat a chicken, you kill an Amazonian parrot.” That’s because species-rich habitats are being converted to pastures and feed crops as the human appetite for meat swells.” When you take away habitats of animals their species suffer. The population of earth is going up everyday which means we have a lot of people to provide food for. The more people on earth, the more food people eat, and most of the population is carnivores which means farmers need to increase their amount of live stock. To support all that livestock they need a bigger farm, and to create a bigger farm they need to clear land. Most of that land they are clearing is home to creatures that are going to become extinct if we keep taking away their homes. The less meat we eat the more species we are saving.

Moreover, eating meat is not a good way to help yourself or the planet. Sure, you may get a tasty meal, but is that meal worth all the suffering animals and people? To get one step closer towards the goal of a healthier world, try dialing back the meat. If you can’t make a change for the animals then make a change for yourself and your health. We need to stop hurting the earth and ourselves because we don’t care, and start helping, anyway we can.

Driving into our autonomous future: Are self driving cars to be trusted? by Jack Mehlman

Control– the power to influence or direct behavior. As a human race, we often strive for control, whether it’s at work, school, or most importantly, driving. Control gives us a sense of safety and comfort knowing that we are in charge. But what happens when we give up control to computers and unreliable software? We are in the middle of a new era, one where technology controls most everything, and everyday things like cars are changing before our eyes. According to Car and Driver magazine, mostly everyone will own a self driving car by 2025. These cars will have virtually no controls except for a keypad to type in your destination. Already, we are starting to see cars with self driving capabilities such as the well known Tesla Model S, but there have been malfunctions resulting in life threatening accidents. It all comes down to this, are we going to hand control over to technology, and trust it with our lives? I think self driving cars should never be allowed on the road, and here are some reasons why…

Autonomous cars are just like any other piece of technology– they can malfunction. There are often times, when using technology, that the screen glitches or freezes. This situation can also occur in the software installed in autonomous cars. These glitches within the cars can cause accidents that can be potentially life-threatening. Now I’m not going to lie, not having to drive three hours every weekend to my ski house sounds pretty nice, but getting into an accident does not sound appealing. For instance, multi-billion dollar car company Uber has been looking into self driving cars for a while now, and still has not been able to have a successful drive. In addition, According to Popular Mechanics Magazine, the autonomous Uber cars can only go 0.8 of a mile at max without a safety driver taking over the wheel. Recent crashes caused by software failure have made Uber temporarily “ground” its fleet of Volvo XC90 SUVs. Imagine a scenario: You’re driving down the highway in your new Tesla, the sunroof open, the cool breeze in your hair. After working a long day at the office you decide to sit back, switch on self driving mode, and watch some Netflix. Suddenly, the seventeen inch screen on your dashboard turns into a TV. Unaware of your surroundings, you didn’t notice that eighteen wheeler slowly merging into your lane, your sedan out of view to the driver. Just as you feel a nudge on your side, you look into the mirror and see the truck. As you try to brake, the car keeps on going, locked into its set path. Five minutes later, you find yourself sitting on the curb of route twenty, luckily escaping the totaled car with your life. Of course, there is a small percent chance that this would happen, but there is still always a chance. This all goes back to the car’s software, and the fact that technology is unpredictable.

Secondly, self driving cars can easily be hacked. Their software is no different from any other household technology. I mean, how creepy is that? Some random stranger can control your car from his computer. Hacking into cars can present serious security threats and danger to the passengers. In a self driving car, everything is controlled electronically opening the door for countless hackers. Do we really want to take the chances? It would take billions of dollars to create an unhackable system per car! Do you have that kind of money? I don’t think so. There have already been incidents where cars have been hacked, and we don’t even have full self driving cars yet! To demonstrate my point, Car and Driver Magazine did a test where they gave permission for a pro-hacker to hack into a 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s software system. From his computer, the hacker was able to access the car’s infotainment system, brakes, speed, and even steering. The same software in that Jeep is also installed in millions of other Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, and Ram vehicles. See how easy it is? And that car only had partial self-driving capabilities. Luckily the driver was able to override the hacker by tugging on the steering wheel, but imagine when cars don’t have steering wheels? What are you going to do then? There are plenty of scary things regarding technology, but hackers are by far the worst, especially when they are in control of your car!

Lastly, in a self driving car– you can’t drive, and what fun is that? While you might feel that driving is boring, In reality, the thrill of your foot on the pedal as you accelerate, or the strong grip on your steering wheel are both feelings that you can only find while driving. Not on your living room couch. Now, why do you think I brought up your living room? Well, in a self driving car, you don’t do anything. In fact, the only difference from your home and an autonomous car is that your home has a bathroom. You basically just sit there tediously staring at your phone until you arrive at your destination, and you can’t drive because you’re in a self driving car. This sounds pretty obvious but it’s true. In fact, lots of people enjoy driving, and I’m not talking about your commute to work, I’m talking about those beautiful winding roads in the mountains. Driving gives people a chance to take their mind off all the hard stuff in life, while also providing an exciting thrill. Do you really want to be cooped up in a glass box doing nothing for hours on end? Because I sure don’t! According to Huffpost, driving can release stress when you’re in the right environment. When filming Skyfall (James Bond film) Ben Collins, a racing driver, said: “When we filmed Skyfall I drove an Aston Martin DB5 across a mountain pass near Fort William before handing the keys over to 007. That car, with its yacht-like steering wheel and soft suspension, took me closer to heaven than anything I can remember.” Driving really should be treasured, not taken away by computers. If computers controlled our cars with no way for us to take the wheel, we would lose the pleasure, relaxation, and stress relief included in drives like Ben Collins’ in the windy mountain roads. Companies like Tesla can not take that away from us.

And it all comes down to this word: control– the power to influence or direct behavior. Yes, some people want cars that will drive them around, but is that really necessary? We as humans are getting so lazy that we can’t even drive ourselves, so some “genius” came up with the idea to make an autonomous car. I’m honestly worried about our future. Throughout this article, we’ve seen the many risks that follow “the driverless road,” and have explored the upsides of pure human intelligence. And i’ll end with this: Do we want our cars to be controlled by technology and artificial intelligence?– Or do we want the control for ourselves?

The Monster by Ashley Wang

The Monster

Wayland is a generally wealthy, comfortable, quiet town, but everything is about to change. The schools, the environment, the peace…it won’t be the same again—ever.

On Route 20, a 4-story building is being built. But this isn’t just any building, this is an apartment building. It will replace Mahoney’s (who have already moved out). It will have 49 units, which is great for realtors and other people, but for the residents of Wayland, not so much. The people of Wayland refer to this building as “The Monster.”

The Monster provides opportunities for children to come live in Wayland and get a chance for a good education.  “I believe that more affordable housing could enhance Wayland as a community,” wrote Naomi Lathan of The Wayland Student Press.

Not only will it do that, it will also dump more than 20,000 pounds of sewage into Pine Brook.

There has been a drought in Wayland these past years. Fortunately, Wayland is a small community. Unfortunately, The Monster will bring more people to Wayland, and we will run out of the little water we have.

Lastly, The Monster will create more traffic. There are already many restaurants and stores around where the apartment will soon be.

Wayland resident Charles D’Ambrosio is opposed to the project. He wrote in a column on the Boston Globe,Dropping a playing field and a parking lot into this setting, with its concomitant increase in traffic, congestion, noise, and litter, will drastically change the neighborhood character, make it less safe, and interfere with the resident’s quiet enjoyment of the pastoral setting where they chose to live.”

Sports Roundup by Carson Boyer, Jayanth Mani, Anshuman Parulekar, and Zackary Goldstein

Basketball Sports Section

By Carson Boyer, Jayanth Mani, Anshuman Parulekar, and Zackary Goldstein

Who will win thNBA Finals?

Zackary: Warriors VS. Celtics and the Warriors will win in 7 games

Noah: Lakers

Anshuman: I think that it will be Rockets VS. Celtics, unless the Timberwolves have a late playoff push. In that case it will be Warriors VS. Celtics.

Mr. Rich: Warriors VS. Celtics, and Warriors will win unless Gordon Hayward comes back in time to play. Which is scheduled to happen supposedly on April 7th.

Jayanth: Celtics VS. Rockets.

College Basketball:

The Blue Devils of Duke stand atop the College Basketball Mountain with the Kansas Jayhawks trekking and trying to claim the top spot. Kansas already has a demanding win over the 8th seed in the country and rival the Kentucky Wildcats.   The Blue Devils are also undefeated along with Kansas, Villanova, Texas A&M, Miami, Virginia, Arizona State, TCU, Nevada, and other teams. Here are some of our Elite Eight:


Zack: South: #1 Duke VS. #2 Wichita St., West: #1 Arizona VS.  #2 Villanova, Midwest: #1 Kansas VS. #2 Kentucky, East: #1 Michigan St. VS. #2 North Carolina.

It seems that Zack has no upsets going on before Elite Eight Weekend.

Anshuman: South: #1 Duke VS. #6 UCLA, East:  #1 Michigan St VS.  #2 North Carolina, West: #1 Villanova VS.  #12 Yale, Midwest: #2 Kentucky VS. #5 Xavier.

It seems that Anshuman has a lot of upsets going on.

Breaking News!!

We have just gotten a report that 5th seeded Florida Gators just got knocked off by the FSU Seminoles. This is huge because Florida was a favorite to make the Elite Eight.