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Selected Haikus

Haikus are super coolish

School is super doomish

The car goes vroomish

-Anna Varney


How much can I fit

into a haiku

format oh no I’m out of

-Ella Moscoffian and Katelyn Chirayanth


Why do we do math

Math teachers feel my wrath

I really hate math

-Felix Kissell


North Carolina

South Carolina are states

that are United

-Cole Duffy


My name is Lula

I like cupcakes and pizza

Cupcakes are really great

-Lula Dunkelberg


I just sold my house

For three gallons of ice cream

Wish I had my house

-Maxim Rjanikov


The Pariplavi

The most amazing person

Angel of the world

-Pari Sontha & Emmie Williams


I broke my femur

Hospital gives whole wheat food

get me out of here.

-Cole Snyder

Junior Districts Auditions by Kally Proctor

Junior Districts Auditions

By: Kally Proctor


Nerves. A bundle of nerves. Excited, stressed, and worried. These emotions totally encapsulated what I’m sure everyone auditioning for Junior Districts felt. They had been practicing for weeks and months to prepare for this moment and it was finally here. Now, they would get to prepare themselves one final time before being judged, and figuring out whether it was all enough.


Last Saturday, kids from various towns along the Eastern side of the U.S. gathered together at Needham High School to audition for Junior Districts: a prestigious contest that accepts the best kids of their instrument and style. These kids had been preparing for this event for a while and they felt as ready as ever. Still, when we got there I cannot deny that we all felt (at least a bit) nervous to go on, but eventually we were lead to the practice rooms where we would be called to our audition.


But, of course, the anticipation of the thing is often worse than the thing itself, the auditions moved along smoothly, with students often saying “That wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.” because of course, they had practiced it many times. Afterwards, students sighed in relief, laughed with friends over how they thought they did, and worried over results.


I overall, thought that this experience was fun, exciting, and a great way to bond with friends, and get feedback on my music (which would also be helpful for next year). I would definitely do it again.


Congratulations to those of you who made it into Junior Districts this year!

Seasonal poems by Janiya Walton


Winter brings cold,

Cold brings snow,

Snow falls down,

Oh oh oh,

Snowflakes appear,

Stick out your tongue,

And let it go.


The sun is out,

Summer is here,

Time to hit the beach,

And just swim it out.


When Fall is out you know what that means,

Time to rake,

Then jump it out.

Seven Fun Facts About Winter by Madison Ngai & Jordynn Lee

7 Fun Facts about Winter

  • In some places, during Winter it doesn’t snow at all
  • The Earth is closest to the sun during Winter
  • One cup of water equals half a gallon of snow
  • Most of the famous kids movies take place in Winter
  • Frost the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer are related.
  • Most people don’t get sick during Winter
  • Snowflakes are different sizes, but not every snowflake is unique.

Ten Fun Facts About Cotton Candy by Madison Ngai & Jordan Lee

10 Fun Facts about Cotton Candy:

  • National Cotton Candy Day is on Friday, December 7
  • The original cotton candy color is white
  • Blue and pink is the most used color for cotton candy
  • Cotton candy was originally called ‘Fairy Floss’
  • Cotton candy was invented by William Morrison and John C. Wharton in 1897
  • Cotton candy was born in Nashville, Tennessee
  • Cotton candy is fat free, so you won’t gain weight from eating cotton candy
  • You can make cotton candy out of any kind of hard candy
  • You can also make cotton candy without a machine
  • Cotton candy is only sugar

Do You Know What a New Year’s Resolution Is? by Taylor Appleton

Do you know what a New Year’s Resolution is?

Well, here is some info of what a New Year’s Resolution is, and what you do.

First let’s just state that New Year’s Resolutions are a very big tradition.

Second, New Year’s Resolutions are a tradition where someone tries to fix or change a behavior, to achieve a personal goal or otherwise improve their life.

My New Year’s Resolution is to try to make a daily agenda/schedule that will force myself  to follow daily.

Comment down below what your New Year’s Resolution is!

Your New Year’s Resolution


Up Close & Personal: Boston Bruins Fan Appreciation Event by Kally Proctor

Up Close and Personal: Boston Bruins Fan Appreciation Event

Boston, Ma – The Boston Bruins held a holiday fan appreciation event at the Park Plaza Hotel this Sunday (December 2nd) where fans lined up for pics with most of the team’s players, including past and present stars.

As a Wayland Middle School student and roving reporter, I feel very lucky that I got to go and report back to all of you.

The event provided an unusual ability for fans to casually interact with players while team staff snapped pictures. In addition to the extensive photo ops, fans were able to chat with players, ask questions, and extend best wishes.

Almost one-third of the way through the season, the Bruins are in fourth place in what’s shaping up as a very competitive division in the NHL Eastern Conference with 14 wins, 8 losses, and 4 ties – good for 32 points.

The players were relaxed and friendly with smiles all around despite their loss the previous night to the Detroit Red Wings in an intense game featuring a brawl at center ice which even brought in the teams’ goalies, Tuukka Rask of the Bruins and Jimmy Howard of the Red Wings. Having watched that fight in real time and on replay, it’s clear the goalies would have been hammering each other, had it not been for the intervention of the referees. When asked about his previous hockey fighting experience, Tuukka replied that this would have been his first hockey fight (usually, goalies stay around their nets during fights).


The event format provided an open forum for curious fans to question players while they were posing for pictures. I learned that one of the Bruins’ stars, Assistant Captain David Krejčí, is feeling fine despite losing a tooth after being blindsided on Friday night and then getting clocked in the head last night. In fact, it was the hit on Krejčí which seemingly triggered the big fight with the Red Wings, led by team “trouble-maker” and scoring sniper, Brad Marchand (who I saw playfully ‘forging’ his way through a crowd and out of the event at the end).


I also learned from first-hand experience that Zdeno Chára – the NHL’s tallest player at 6 feet 9 inches (7 feet on skates) — is indeed really, really, really tall! Standing next to him, I felt very small. Reportedly, Chára is so big that the NHL has granted him a 2” exemption to their stick length rule – from 63” to 65”.

Chára is a defenseman with what seems in person to be a puppy- dog personality, but I wouldn’t want to be going against him, and he’s notorious for dominating the defensive zone.

But perhaps the highlights of the day were provided by the “wedding crashers”. No, the fans didn’t crash a wedding. Ironically, it was the other way around: a bride and groom in tux and wedding dress to be married in this very room later this day, crashed the Bruins’ fan event and posed for “wedding pictures” with Chára and Marchand.


Voilà! What a perfect ending to very playful event where fans got the unusual and special opportunity to “mingle” and interact with elite professional athletes who are almost always formally separated by barriers. Impressive.

Wayland Middle School changing the start time of schools! by Sasha Libenzon

Wayland Public Schools changing the start time of schools! by Sasha Libenzon

The change

Wayland Public Schools are thinking of changing the start time to all schools since they feel that students are not getting enough sleep to work well. They are thinking of Pushing the middle and high school start times so they are later and the elementary schools will start earlier. Researchers say kids should be getting 9 to 12 hours of sleep on average.


Shouldn’t younger kids get more sleep?

Since children that are older in middle and high school have more homework they tend to pressure themselves doing homework and end up falling asleep very late. An article shows that when kids don’t get enough sleep they will not do as well in school or be very stressed. So back to the question, younger kids have much less work plus they usually go to sleep earlier so it won’t impact them as much. Also, in elementary school students get frequent breaks like recess or snack time.


The decision

Recently a big decision was made to push the start time. Elementary schools will start at 7:55, Wayland Middle School will start at 8:40, and Wayland High School will start at 8:35. The change will start in the 2019-2020 school year.

The Rememberer: A Play to Remember! by Sasha Libenzon

The Rememberer, a Play to Remember!

By: Sasha Libenzon

From October to November students worked hard on putting on The Rememberer, the Fall play. They practiced almost everyday to put on an emotional and historic play that eventually had a happy ending. About 35 students helped bring the play to life. The play told the story of a young Native American girl named Joyce from the 1900, who was sent away to a Native American residential school where they basically tortured the kids. At this school kids were not allowed to speak their native language, see or send their parents anything, and had very strict rules to follow. The school forced the kids to speak english. It was a boarding school that allowed no sending letters or face to face contact meaning they had no communication with their family and friends. They also had no fun because the teachers made very strict rules. One day when The Rememberer died, he decided that Joyce would be the next Rememberer. This job was important for the Squawkin tribe. It meant to remember all the family history and important things that went on. Luckily Joyce left the Tulalip School for summer and was the Rememberer. If you didn’t see the play then that was a short summary about it! It was definitely a play to remember!