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A Walk Through The Ocean by Aydan McGah

Ice cold water
splashes across
the ongoing ocean floor.

My bare feet push deeper
into the grainy sand
while I shut my eyes
and listen to the waves crash.

The bright sun, shines down
as the seagulls
glide in the air.

Calico crabs hide
under barnacle covered rocks
and between slippery seaweed.

I dance across the beach,
skipping rocks into the mysterious
dark water.

The cool Maine breeze
rushes across my face
as I relax and watch
streaks of orange and pink
disappear as the sun sets.

The Orange Triangle Chapter 1: The Darkness by Stephen Creavin

I see darkness.

Pitch black.


No space or anything around me.

Just nothing.

Then I taste leather tied tightly around my mouth. Heat swarms around me and I feel if I’m burning. But still, I still see empty darkness, empty darkness with no life, nothing living.

I have a suddenly have a feeling that washes over my body, neither hot or cold or in between. It’s impossible to describe the feeling, it was sort of like, realisation but missing understanding. Like something that you didn’t know where it fit but you knew it was part of something. That’s how I realized I had my eyes closed. I tried to force my eyes open but they were like a powerful force fighting against me, pushing back at me. I suddenly felt very tired and darkness swirled around me, wrapping me in warmth. But I was not feeling warm, I was scared, of this darkness. Of this emptiness. As darkness swirled I seemed to drift farther and farther from understanding. Before understanding slipped from my hands I asked one question to no one in particular, the words “Where am I?”.

Manchester Breeze by Anna Walsh

I descend
knee deep
into chilly refreshing water.

Feet sink
into wet rocky sand.

Water splashes
droplets fall lightly on my face.

I walk deeper.
A tide so low
you could walk for miles still keeping your head above.

I wave my cousin on
urging her to descend deeper into the salty waters.
Water rises up my legs
reaching up
to touch my shorts.

Boats chug past.
The engines play a soft melody in my ear.
New adventures await
the content sailors.

Eyes stay focused ahead,
hands stay fastened to the wheel,
waiting for whatever the ocean brings.
Navigating the cold
wavy waters
breezy ocean winds.

I look back down
to water’s sandy surface,
to creatures below.

It’s not there.

I continue on until I see
small sand dollars.

My hand plunges into the crisp water.

Found one!

My sister and cousin come splashing over
to admire the small treasure
I have found.
They lightly hold the precious creature,
as if their lives depended on it.

I smile and hand them the sand dollar,
to add to the collection
and continue looking
in cool, salty water,
on this breezy day,
in Manchester.

The Call By: J. Anonymous

The phone rings.
It is 3 am.
I can hear the dead silence;
the house is does not move.
It feels like years
before I hear my mom say

The next morning there is luggage
at our front door.
The plane ride feels empty.

We are there
The white walls

surround us.
The rooms are filled with people.
A person in blue points us towards the room:
We see him,
his body limp, covered in scars,
he does not move,
in his white room
with a single light hanging over the bed
As I look, I wonder
what will happen next.

In The Dot by Daniejah Franklyn

The windows are down
and the wind breezes by my face.
The street is crowded by houses
that lie on top of one another.

I see rippling lights,
flickering to a rhythm
that is not heard.
The sky is pitch black
with small sparkles hardly seen.

I walk on the lumpy sidewalks
with gum stains chalk stains,
and my brain replays
scraped knees and our old swing set,
as I open the door to my childhood.

Memories are triggered by the smell of home
and they flourish in my mind.

Comfort waves over me
and I sigh a refreshing breath.
at home in the Dot.

The Gem by Madeline Maurer

This is so cool! I thought. I examined it like a doctor does an x-ray. Michael is so lucky he found this. My then five-year-old brother had found a rhinestone on the floor of the dusty garage, right near the parked mini-van. It was shiny like a real diamond, and there it was in my hands. All mine. Well, at least mine until my older brother would have reclaimed his property. Let’s just say that my logic was impaired, so naturally, I marched my three year old self over to Michael and started to have my fun. “Does it go in here?” I asked, shoving the gem near my nose and giggling.

“No,” he told me. “Don’t do that!”

“Does it go here?” I said, putting the gem near my ear.

And that’s when it all went horribly wrong.

As I flung my tiny hand up to my ear, I let go of the rhinestone. I felt the small object land in my right ear before it disappeared into the void. (The void being my ear.)

At first, I was too shocked to cry. I mean, something was in my ear and I didn’t know how to get it out, and that something was incredibly precious. Thankfully, I was able to piece together an explanation for my dad, who promptly sat me down on his lap as he began to prod at my ear. Then, the panic (at the disco! I’m sorry, I had to.) set in. What if he couldn’t get it out? What if I have a gem in my ear forever? I thought as I began to sob, tears rolling down my cheeks. I stared at an ant crawling up the wall as tears filled my eyes.

“We have to go to the doctor,” said my dad.

Uh oh.

Fast forward to the doctor’s office, and I’ve been placed on crinkly examination paper to have doctors poke at my ear some more. I was being prodded with tweezers. These people meant business. This part’s kinda dull, so long story short, they couldn’t get it out either. It was worse than I could have imagined.


My dad took me into the car and we drove quietly to the children’s hospital. The stoplights looked like smudged paint from my tears blurring my vision. Why did I have to put the gem in my ear? Why?

We arrived at the hospital, and a bunch of kids around my age were watching Dora the Explorer on the TV mounted on the wall. At least I could watch my favorite show now. I sat with them while my dad talked to the people at the desk. Soon enough, I was dragged away from the TV and brought into one of the hospital’s rooms.

The room was small and had pastel pink walls. They must have intended to make this a calm experience, but it felt like doomsday to me. I lied down on the examination table, disrupted ear to the ceiling. The nurse wet a cotton swab. Thankfully, there was a TV and VCR system in this room, too. “What do you want to watch?” asked my dad.
Of course, I responded with “Dora!”

Unfortunately, my dad denied me the opportunity to watch the show of my choice. “No, you’ve been watching a lot of Dora, let’s watch Blue’s Clues.”


The nurse stuck the cotton swab in my ear. Here come the waterworks. Now, I don’t remember it hurting, just feeling a bit weird. But, as you can tell from the story so far, I was an incredibly dramatic toddler. Plus, my dad made me watch Blue’s Clues instead of Dora the Explorer. I was having a rough day.

The nurse was able to remove the gem with ease. The whole ordeal probably took about two minutes, but it felt like an eternity. I rolled off of my side and stood up onto weak, shaky legs. My dad and the nurse walked me out of the examination room. The nurse proceeded to ask me what is surprisingly not the strangest question I have heard in my life:

She held up the rhinestone and asked me, “Can I keep this? We like to keep things we pull out of ears and noses.”

And guess what I said…


Hey, I was three!

Timeless Chapter 11 by Sritha Vemuri

I walk around my new room. Though it is amazing and exceeds all my expectations of a place I call home, I am speechless. Not in a good way though. How could they know about all of this? I think. I know they are from the future and have all this new and improved technology we have but how? How could they see inside my parents. Inside my roots. Do they have my parents? At least their corpses? I don’t know what to say as I clutch both sides of my forehead with both my hands. My palms grow warm and little beads of sweat roll down them. Then a major question hits me. Do people have to be dead for the future people to be able to examine them or even take blood from them? That question leads to many more small questions. Am I even useful for them? Are they trying to take advantage of me? Is Camilla more valuable? Has she requested that I stay alive? Every little or big question swarms around my head like an angry mob of bees. Am I even Bree Suvil?


That last question stays absorbed in my head. Am I even Bree Suvil? I think over and over and over again until that’s the only thing imprinted in my mind. I trust fall on my new couch. It’s a lilac purple sofa with the imprints of little plums being picked by women, who later plop them into their baskets. The sofa is made from polyester like any other average sofa. To the left arm side on the lilac sofa there is a mini glass plated table where five chocolates lay next to three small water bottles labeled Fiji on them. Five chocolates. Three water bottles. Five chocolates for the five people who were or are in my family. Three water bottles for the three of them I had lost. Maybe even four considering Camilla’s Grongula mutation mishap. At least that’s what Cathy called it. I’ve noticed that this month of the blasting rays of heat from May are different. There is no Linc. He never appears at my doorway to give me this goofy glare. He doesn’t stop by to chat. Well I guess I deserved it. I practically shooed him away so I guess I got what I wanted then but not now. I just want a decent chat buddy.


The next morning Khloe wakes me up. Literally. She splashes water at my face with a large black pale. It fits her personality. A large black hole.

“Come on grouch.” She says. “We’re going to the annual May Maker Meeting!” She jumps up and down in place. Once she notices that I am watching her she stops and smooths down her once straight now ruffled business skirt. She cocks her head to the right side of my new room, signaling I should get changed. Immediately.

“What do I wear?” I ask.

“You wear this.” Khloe says, taking out a ruby red dress with an embroidered blood red rose, pinching the left waist side of the dress. “My sister Kendra let me borrow it for you. Begrudgingly.” Khloe continues.

“Let me guess.” I say. “You stole it from her.”

“Yup!” She said. “Now get ready! We have to get you a mani pedi before we go to the meeting. Which approximately starts at 9:00 am!” I rush into the changing room Khloe shows me and change quickly. Then Khloe drags me to the spa room we were in yesterday. The one with the girl named Celia who Khloe always yelled at. A lady with the mirrored look of Khloe walks in. Khloe has a twin. Gosh. Kill me now.

“Khloe…” The lady starts. “You stole my Ruby Cocher Bouvant dress!”  Then the woman’s gaze darts to me.

“Give me that dress back!” She wails.

“Ok.” I say. The woman stops wailing.

“Sorry.” She says. “I thought you were Celia. I applied for a new job here but Khloe always seems to get a grasp of my stuff, giving them to my new boss and stuff. She gets on my nerves a lot.” Then she ties her hair into a high ponytail.

“Who are you anyway?” She asks again.

“She’s Bree Suvil.” Khloe says, beaming.

“Who the what?” The woman asks confused.

“She’s the one Kendra.” Khloe says rolling her eyes.

“Oh…” The woman who’s supposedly Kendra says. “She’s the one. The one Mom’s been blabbering about?”


“No time to chat sis! She needs a mani pedi ASAP. The famous rose petal design!”

“Got it!” Kendra says as she readies all the materials. She starts by applying a clear coat first. A base. Then she applies a ruby red coat just like my dress on top of the dry clear coat base. Once she does this for every nail she applies another clear coat on every nail except my two index and thumb fingers. Kendra then picks up a mini stylus and starts making two tiny vibrant red roses on both my thumbs left edge. She then connects vines to those roses which are later connected to something brown, supposedly fertilizer. Once she’s done with both my thumbs she starts getting to work on my index fingers. Kendra makes mini curled designs on the left edge of both index fingers and then applies the top coat on for the thumbs as she waits for the index fingers to dry. Once they dry Kendra happily applies the clear coat.

“Voila!” She says. “That is your mani.”

“What about the pedi?” Khloe asks.

“No time.” Kendra says. “It’s 8:55.”

“Who cares Kendra. She only has to be there for after the main meeting which buys us at least thirty more minutes.”

“Fine.” Kendra says grudgingly. Kendra paints my toes a clear coat base then the same vibrant red color before. Then she puts a small little bright red gem on both thumb toes and paints a clear coat top.

“Happy sis?” She asks.

“Happy.” Khloe says as she checks the time. “It’s 9:25! We better hurry! We need to be there in five minutes ASAP!” Khloe turns to her sister. “Any ideas Kendra?”

“I’ll take you in Mom’s golf cart. She won’t mind.” Khloe nods. The three of us rush to the golf cart like maniacs making a quick drive to the meeting. Once Khloe and I enter the meeting room everyone stands up. Except Cathy.

“Where have you been Bree?” Cathy snaps, signaling that the meeting is over. “I told you 9:00 am.”

“Ma’am it’s my fault.” Khloe says, her head down as the men leave.

“I don’t care who’s fault it is.” Cathy snaps again, and right then I can see the resemblance between Cathy and Khloe. “Khloe please leave.”

“But Mom…” Khloe whines.

“That’s Ma’am to you. Whether or not the congressmen are here or not.”

“Yes Ma’am.” Khloe says as she walks away.

“She’s a bad influence.” Cathy smirks. “That’s why she’s my favorite.” Cathy runs a hand through her hair.

“Your lucky this was a test, Bree.” Cathy continues, glaring at me. “Those men work for me. That’s why they left.” She coughs as she continues again. “If they were the real congressmen then they wouldn’t leave and I wouldn’t be able to lecture you. This was a test for Khloe as well and I am so very sad to say you both failed.” Cathy picks up her red lipstick stained coffee cup, swirls it in the air and takes a large chug of it.

“Don’t do this again, Bree. Speak up.” I don’t respond. “Do you hear me, Bree?”

“Yes Ma’am.” I say.

“Good.” Cathy says. “You’re next hidden test will be tomorrow so study hard. Mentally”


Studying mentally. Hmmm… I think. I guess I’ll just have to study Cathy.

The guards let me walk around the so called ‘bureau’ of the future. Kendra and Celia collaborated on giving me a special permission slip;









I was astonished once they gave me this card. Of course I can blink, stare, eat, drink, and walk. I understand the ‘observing’ part but seriously. I am still a human just like them. Just less genetically modified.


Cathy said I should spend some family time around the bureau so now I am walking with Camilla and Chandler with my permission slip strung around my waist.

“You know that family time means talking right?” Chandler asks as I continue to glare at him.

“Well you know some families don’t talk to each other especially if each and every one of them is disfigured.” I snap back. Camilla is basically floating around roaring and banging against her floating cell in her white Grongula form.. With every bang she makes she gets electrocuted. I stopped trying to explain a while ago. Chandler stays quiet and Camilla collapses of too much static electricity contained in her body.

“Tell Cathy we had an hour walk.” I say and march off. I am off to observing Cathy. What type of mental test would she set up for me? She practically thinks I’m as dumb as a dodo. What to do? I ask myself. What to do? The first place I stop is Cathy’s office. Not literally inside though. That would be stupid and she’d think I cut the walk early by fifty five minutes (which I did) to spy on her. Which is the opposite of what I want her to think. I want her to believe that I am a sweet little innocent girl following orders. So, what do I do? I’ll need Linc’s help.

Timeless Chapter 10 by Sritha Vemuri


My body is rigid on the cold ice below me. Ice? How did I get here? I think. I watch the blue connected beads float under me. They’re working on something but who knows what.  I think again. They drift off into the air once they have made a spiral of loops. New blue spheres form like babies being hatched and they disappear again like a fly’s life span. You only live once after all. What I am looking at is something thinking. Something amazing like a actual living organism. I can see what it’s thinking. I can almost feel it as well. A bright orange flashes at my closed eyelids and the rays of light fall upon me as I pry my eyes open. I feel soft hands touch my forehead as they remove something once connected to the machine besides me, just like the machine I am still lying in. I look to the side to see a white Grongula happily sleeping. The only white Grongula at the future base. It’s Camilla. Her thoughts don’t seem violent at all. More peaceful in fact. If those were her thoughts in the first place. I sit straight as a hand clasps my shoulder.

“Well done.” I hear a voice but I don’t see anyone. I don’t see anything at all. Except blackness.

“You followed the procedure and figured out what was going on inside.”

“Who are you.” I ask as my eyes start to adjust. The woman before me has long hair. Dark brown and has piercing emerald eyes.

“I am Khloe. Cathy’s daughter. I will be escorting you to your new room.” The woman says. “Walk with me.” I do as she says and follow her to my new room.

“Why do I need a new room?” I ask her. Khloe stares at me and smiles.

“Aren’t you a curious one.” She says. “Well the real reason we are moving you to this room is so you have more attention when you need it. Also for you to get your mind off things.” I was confused how will a room help you get your mind off things?

“What?” I ask her.

“Well the room was once a spa so it’s presence just calms you down. And to add on to that you’ll get jasmine herbal tea to drink as soon as we arrive so you can sit back and relax.”

“What’s the catch.” I ask. “There’s always a catch.” Khloe’s emerald eyes gleam in the bright hallway light.

“Not today there is.” She says. “Just you and me at the spa all day drinking smoothies. Don’t drink too much though or you’ll have no space for lunch.”

“Lunch?” I ask. “We’re gonna have lunch?”

“Yep! But that’s a surprise so don’t mention it or I’ll spill.”

We continue to walk down the hallway until we reach a door labeled;


“Here’s our stop.” Khloe says gleefully. “Wanna get mani pedis?”

“Sure.” I say. “What’s a mani pedi?” Khloe gasps horrified. I continue to release her of shock.

“My sister’s had one and so has my Mom but I never have.”

“Well todays your lucky day sister, cause your about to get one.” Khloe rushes in the room.

“Gals call the nail police cause this girl never had a mani pedi!” Chairs swivel revealing girls with loads of makeup and nail polish applied. Their lips are purse as if holding back. A redhead with lots of pink blush applied and blue nails walks up to me. She fans her face breathing heavily as the other girls surround her.

“How did you survive!?” She screams and the half of the girls faint. “Seriously. How did you?”

“What’s so important about a mani pedi?” I ask and the remaining girls faint.

“A mani pedi is something that shows off your personality like our clothes but something girly so girls could just strut that thang.” The redhead says in a sassy tone.

“Watch it Celia!” Khloe snaps. “Don’t want to make a bad impression on our VIP.”

“Sorry.” The redhead, who’s supposedly Celia mutters.

“Let’s get this thing started!” Khloe yells joyfully. Khloe and Celia guide me to a table where they plop me down on a leather black chair.

“What happened to your hair gurl?” Celia asks, .

“Celia… “ Khloe glares at her.

“Sorry.” Celia mutters again.

“No it’s fine.” I say. “I cut it with Cathy’s permission. For my sister.”

“Who’s your sister.” Celia asks.

“Shut up and work Celes!” Khloe screams. “That answer is confidential.”

“Sorry.” She mutters again. For some reason when Khloe yells at Celia I just want to punch her in the face. I just want to tell her that I can take care of myself but all she does is treat me like a useless piece of trash.

“Well my sister is-” I start.

“NONNA YOUR BUSINESS!” Khloe snaps again and drags me out of the room. “Sorry Bree, but everything about you currently is confidential and if you tell another soul, especially that spa worker, Celia, everything will fall out of place and do you really want that?” I shake my head in her favor to avoid another lecture.

“Good.” Khloe continues. “Because if you don’t we can always go a level higher.” I am confused by the statement Khloe just mentioned. But if she’s Cathy’s daughter I know something’s coming my way.

“Follow me.” Khloe’s voice is high-pitch in a tone of joy, her emerald eyes grow soft and round and her chest rises. I do as told and am leaded to another room with my name on it but a different label;


~Uranium Fill~

What’s that label supposed to mean? I mean ‘VIP+’ ok… but ‘Uranium Fill’… what in the world does that mean? I pat my face to feel it scrunched up. My thinking face. I quickly hide it from Khloe considering thinking hardly wouldn’t be what Khloe expects from me. She expects that I am dumb and don’t know what anything is so I stare dumbfounded at the label. Khloe rolls her eyes at my stare.

“I expected more from you Bree Suvil.” She shakes her head. “Well ‘VIP+’ means that-” I cut her off.

“I know what ‘VIP+’ means Khloe. What I don’t understand is what the ‘Uranium Filling’ means. Does it mean that they are ranking me by metals? Are they stating the room’s filling?” Khloe’s jaw drops.

“Both.” she says. “They are stating both.” Khloe takes out a tube of light peach lipstick and applies it on. She pats her face.

“I guess you’re just lucky for a beginner.” She smirks. She twists around leaving my jaw hanging.

“Enjoy your stay.” She yells, not looking back.

“Of course I will.” I mutter. “Savage.”

I walk inside the room and just like I stated the room is filled with Uranium. I guess that showed Khloe. Was it bad for me to be smart? Would it make Cathy angry? I push away the thoughts and admire the small, lively room. Roses were in bloom growing from vines on the wall’s corners and rhododendrons sprouted from a mini sanctuary to my left. My Mom’s favorites. A mini table with greek engravings bring me back to my Father’s greek roots. It’s like they knew everything about me. Did they?


Timeless Chapter 9 by Sritha Vemuri


My hair is jumbled in knots. I haven’t had a decent comb since the people of the future came. These days my hair gets stuck to everything. Cell bars. Beds. Food, talk about disgusting! Cathy said that she had an offer on the table for me. She said she would get me a brush if I got Camilla to give up her blood. I was astonished by Cathy’s unfair deal. I mean would Camilla’s blood even be useful to them and was Cathy testing my instincts or was Camilla’s blood more powerful and the dawn of the people from the past would be over? I was feeling a pendulum of emotions. Cathy stands in front of me now, with a beautiful shiny bronze colored hair brush. Was I really giving up my sister for a hair brush?

“I know you want the hair brush Bree, so come and take it.” Cathy hisses. I don’t move. “Why don’t you just take the freaking hair brush Bree?” Cathy’s voice rises now. “I said why don’t you take the hair brush and give me Camilla!?” She screams and her voice is like rough sandpaper against my throat.

“How do I know whether Camilla is useful to you or not?” I ask.

“So you will give up your sister but only is she’s not useful?”

“I didn’t say that.”

“But you did.” Cathy chuckles. “Oh Bree. Don’t worry I would have done the same.” She throws the bronze hair brush into my lap.

“Thanks Hon!” She says, walking straight out the cell’s doorway.


I am confused. Did I really say yes to Cathy and just gave my sister away? Like that!? Camilla would never do that. I regret my decision. Camilla was more useful than me any day. Plus she’s my sister and sisters don’t leave each other to dust. Unless they are like you know Rose and Maggie. Or Mary and Anne Boleyn.


For a while I thought I would never see that Linc again but here he is. Taking me to visit my sister. AGAIN. Camilla is in a test tube when I get into the room she stays in. The hospital room.

“What’s going on?” I mumble to myself, knowing no one will here. I inspect the room. Vials and test tubes filled to the brim with blue, green, and purple liquids stock the shelf to the left side with a sign stating; INJECTION. On the right side shelves stocked with red, clear, and black liquids are barely to be seen with the label: RADIOACTIVE. I see some men dressed in purple lab coats pour the purple liquid into the large test tube that Camilla floats in like a helpless doll, her eyes closed, like she’s sleeping. The purple lab coated men step back and the white lab coated women step forwards with clear liquid. I look to the right shelves. Radioactive I think. What have I done? The white lab coated women pour the clear liquid in and step back. Camilla’s eyes pry open and her cocoa brown eyes bore into my skull, flashing a mediterranean sea blue color. Her skin lumps up, in a pale white color and spikes rise up her back. She roars in fury. Pounding herself against the wall, trying to escape.

“How do you like it.” I turn around. Cathy’s voice had interrupted my thoughts. “Beautiful isn’t it.” She sighs.

“What did you do to her?”

“Didn’t you know? She’s the new and improved Grongula. With her skills… Well she’s unstoppable.” Cathy cackles. “You know I lied earlier. I wouldn’t trade my sister for a comb. But my sister would. I mean I should know better. My sister traded me for a bagel after all.”


In one way I feel bad for Cathy. I mean if her sister didn’t give her up for a bagel Camilla would still be Camilla. They had to inject some of that green liquid in the INJECT pile into me because I knocked out Linc for not saving Camilla and gave Cathy a bloody nose from my foot. I think the green one is supposed to bring me to a calm state. Not that I know of any calm state consisted with in me. Nada. Nothing. Linc woke up like ten minutes after I knocked him out. Impressive for a girl like me but not for him. He said that his sister, Veronica, once knocked him out for back talking to her best friend Ross. He woke up an hour later.

I wish I was Veronica.


I throw the bronze shiny comb away. It’s useless. Doesn’t even make as a good suicidal tool but my pens and pencils along with my notepad are the perfect ingredients to make the perfect suicidal note. Not that my brain can think of something good. I haven’t eaten ever since Camilla turned into that… that… thing. It’s as though she is dead to me now. My stomach grumbles.

“You can’t starve yourself to death.” Cathy had said the day before. “Trust me. I tried. A minute later and I was back to eating potato chips.”

I don’t think that really counts as starving yourself to death if all you do is stop eating for a minute. If that’s the longest Cathy has gone how come she was as frail as braille?


I think I got Cathy’s words all wrong. It’s a brain tweezer. Don’t think that’s a thing though.


I decide that I should eat. Maybe just a little though. But as soon as I set my eyes on that creme brulee I knew a little wasn’t gonna happen. I savor every bite of the delicious sweet. The first thing I’ve had that was sweet ever since the invasion of the future. I see window pains slick and clean. Everything around me is ineffable. Camilla would love this. Then reality hits me. I am not where I think I am. I am not in a safe place and Camilla is not Camilla. Well she is but she’s not who she used to be. She’s a different person now. Not even a person to be exact.


Now that I think about it I didn’t give Camilla up. I just got something out of it. I mean even if I said no Cathy would still take control over Camilla. I think. If I’m wrong… what have I done?


I stare at my reflection off the metallic cells. My hair is shiny and silky and not to mention straight. What’s the whole point of having nice hair anyway. It keeps you off track. So I asked Cathy for something. For scissors. And that’s exactly what I got.


Cathy knows me better than a lot of people. She got me hi-tech scissors that cannot pierce human tissue along with bone but can get rid of things more fragile. Trust me I tried sticking the blade a bit through my finger tip. I was just experimenting. Nothing happened but a little ticklish feeling. On to work, I think. I take a lock of my hair and clutch it in my fist. I then take the scissors and chop it off. I do that to every lock until all I have left of my hair is the sum up to my neck. I peer down on the floor. Ringlets of my dirty blonde hair circle around me like a queen. Short hair was trending after all in the future’s style.