It’s Secretariat!!

When considering your next family movie night, look for the movie with the subtitle, The Impossible True Story. Then you have found my pick for movie of the month. I absolutely fell in love with the story of the big red horse called Secretariat and seeing his story played out on the big screen was thrilling. This movie incorporates a little bit of everything from Penny Chenery’s  love of Secretariat, to the sadness that starts off the movie, to the hilarious actions of horse, owner, and trainer.

This story is one everyone knows but the movie works even though it’s done in the over-dramatized Disney fashion. So, even if you are reading this and thinking “I already know the story and now I should see it as a Disney movie?” The answer is yes. It gives you a slightly new prospective into a somewhat fictional view of the owner’s story as well as the horse’s. A definite family must-see, Secretariat is at a theatre near you and coming to soon to DVD or On Demand.

By Sarah Maietta

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