Top Ten Ways to Get an A in School by Jenna Brandaleone and Jennifer Rosen


Start here when you need an A. If you are like us you know how much we all want A’s even if it  means slowing down and taking more time. You will be able to get your grades up and learn different techniques at the same time to focus on your goal of an A. The number one rule is to Live, Sleep and BREATHE by these rules!  

  1. Suck up to those teachers that you CANNOT stand! Get them on your good side, and we’ll see who’s getting the A this term. But on a more serious note, breathe. Just breathe. These classes might seem to last for hours more than they should, but all you can do is breathe and try.
  1. Studying hard is one of the most important ways to get an A. Don’t be lazy when studying for a test or doing homework. Learn your work and use your resources.
  1. One thing at a time! Focus on one subject before you move on. It will be really hard if you go back and forth from one subject to another.
  1. Don’t rush, spend your time on homework and things you don’t understand. Instead of misunderstanding, take a few extra minutes to learn and succeed, rather than failing because you didn’t take the time.
  1. Ask for Help! Do not be afraid to ask questions; you might worry that people look stupid when they ask questions, but it actually makes you look smarter to ask questions and you learn a lot more than students who don’t ask questions.
  1. Revise. Make sure to go back to redo writing essays, and any type of school work. Revise and edit constantly especially when you have a project that could really effect your grade. Resources can be helpful and are more available than you may realize. Ask your friends, family, parents, etc.. There are also online sources of help. Google offers spelling and other resource tools too.
  1. Collaborate and share ideas with others. When getting stuck make sure you take a break. But also, make sure you talk to other people about it. If it is over Facetime or face to face, it is good to talk out a problem and work as a team to solve it.
  1. Participate and stay ahead. In class raise your hand. At home, make sure to catch up on homework and your lessons. I am not saying that as soon as you get home you should start studying for hours. I am just saying learning some new vocab words and math problems every day is a good idea. Soon you will be on top of your game and getting an A!
  1. Be yourself, be a good and reliable student for other students, teachers, friends, family, etc.. When taking on personal and group responsibilities you are actually becoming a better student and person. You are learning how to deal with stress and how much responsibility and stress you can take. This can make you a better student because from learning from these responsibilities, you are also learning how to deal with them better. When school has got you on an overload, just remember that you will be prepared.
  1. It is okay to be SMART. I know a lot of other peers of mine that think it is cool to be the dumb. People act stereotypically like the dumb blonde, or the jock with no brain just to be “cool”. Smart people rule the world this century. Look at Bill Gates! He may be the richest man alive and he is nothing less than smart! Smart is the new cool. So don’t be afraid to be yourself, be SMART!

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