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And bottom 10…
November 2010

We have a LOT of things to look forward to this month. New TV shows, movies, and books that we’ve all been waiting for. And then there are the things to forget about. Some of these things include.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #5: The Ugly Truth: In stores now
Why: A must have, as this is one of the last DWKs. Pretty much the only good book arriving this month too.

Not really any bad books this month. Just all average.

Definitely buy tickets to…

Unstoppable: 11/12/10
Why: It’s actually a true story. Ever wanted to know what would happen if an unmanned train with eight cars full of nuclear bombs slammed into our school?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1: 11/19/10
Why: Um, it’s HARRY POTTER. Why shouldn’t you watch it?

Burlesque: 11/24/10
Why: Christina Aguilera is the small town girl who decides to try out Hollywood. She makes it. As it’s Aguilera’s first return to acting in about 15 years, I would recommend seeing it.

You might not want to buy tickets for…

Skyline: 11/12/10
Why: The usual. A movie where aliens come in a big UFO and eat everyone in LA. Does anyone else notice how often this storyline comes up?

Hereafter: In theaters now
Why: SNOOZEFEST. The movie poster advertised it as a lame “save the helpless girl” thing and it wasn’t…it was even lamer. It was just about these people who are touched by death. A must miss.

The Next Three Days: 11/19/10
Why: It’s about a dude named John who’s wife, Lara, got a life sentence in jail for a murder she didn’t commit. It’s three years into her sentence and he found out that Lara was going to commit suicide. He’s doing is risking everything for the woman he loves. Love/Adventure category. Normally I love these type of movies, but this one doesn’t appeal to me at all.

TV shows

Tune in to…

Glee: Return of the Gleeks! Another upside to the third season is that Charice will be part of the cast as a foreign exchange student.

The Simpsons: Never has there been an episode of The Simpsons without a clever storyline and some gut-wrenching humor. And it’s pretty impressive that the animated comedy has managed to stay on top for 22 seasons.

Family Guy: The title says everything. A huge hit for everyone that can actually understand the humor. One of my very favorites. The humor is a bit inappropriate…but still. Who can resist Stewie’s charm?

Saturday Night Live: Always a good thing to watch. I swear, this show is addictive. Too bad it only airs on Saturdays…

Make sure you don’t TiVo…

Sonny With a Chance: Not again! Having to sit through the entire first season with my Sonny-obsessed little brother and sister was bad…but a second season? Really? This show is the one of the many mistakes to come for new Disney shows in the next year. There is no other word forcthis show but doomed.

iCarly: Four seasons and counting. Four more seasons than Nickelodeon needed to show it on the small screen. I’ve had enough of this. Miranda Cosgrove is 19 at this point, and she can’t play a 14-year-old forever.

The Walking Dead: Some director just made a huge waste of money. Pretty much people trying to buy a house after a zombie apocalypse. Need I say more?

Shake It Up: Joins Sonny with a Chance in the doomed category. I only have so much space as to make a single article for four bad shows, but also from Disney that will fall with Shake It Up and Sonny include Fish Hooks, Captain America, Pair of Kings, and CarsToons. I really think Fish Hooks doesn’t belong in that category. I actually like it. Unfortunately, you can tell it probably will fall to rock bottom, dragging Shake It Up and others with it.


Crank up the radio when you hear…

iYiYi- By Cody Simpson feat. Flo Rida
A perfect song to get you going. Pretty much what I wake up to in the morning. Very pop. Love it. Five stars.

By Katie Dreitler

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