Chromebook Info

If you’re looking for Chromebook information, including registration and payment, please click here. 

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WMS Art Lab

Take a look at Mr. Curran’s new WMS Art Lab website.

And, sign up for the new Art Club!

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Square Dancing

Control-click to get a pop-up menu (or possibly click and hold if on your ipad). Select “Save Link As” to download the file to your computer or other device. The file should end with “.mp3.

1- Circle Left And Do-Si-Do

2- Swing & Couple Promenade

3-Allemande Left

4-Progressive Circle

5-Square Identification

6-Right And Left Grand

7-Forearm Turns

8-Circle To A Line

9-Bend The Line

10-Two Ladies’chain

11-Bending And Chaining

12-Four Ladies’ Grand Chain

13-Right And Left Through

14-Let’s Review



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