Supreme Court Drama by Graham Henrich

About three months ago, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation from the highest level of court in the United States of America, the Supreme Court. Although a conservative, Kennedy supported many liberal ideas that conservative politicians strongly disagree with. Kennedy’s retirement provides President Donald J. Trump a chance to fill in a swing vote with a right wing justice, so that his party can win the Supreme Court 5-4, putting the Republicans in charge of the whole government (the Presidency, the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court).

President Trump’s pick to replace Kennedy is conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh, who has served on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Kavanaugh supports right wing issues and is against gun control, the Affordable Care Act, and Roe v. Wade. He also helped write the Starr Report, an attempt to impeach former President Bill Clinton. Originally, the vote was scheduled for September 13, but the Democrats in the Senate delayed the vote, giving them more time to get the extra votes they need. Kavanaugh’s election might be delayed further due to accusations of sexual assault. In a recent CNN poll of the American people’s views, 38% said yes to Kavanaugh’s appointment and 39% said no.

With such an even split, it seems controversy was inevitable. A Washington Post opinion editor vouched for Kavanaugh’s character as a ‘carpool dad’, while Senator Mazie Hirno said Kavanaugh is designed to be President Trump’s shield against possible charges related to collusion or corruption. Right wingers say Democrats are using a ‘scare tactic’ to get more votes against Kavanaugh’s appointment.

The Midnight Moscow Murder: A Short Story by Andrew Cerne


I stood in the Russian apartment bedroom  with the dead Senator Garland Peet. A man who use to be famous for his work in bringing countries at peace with each other, is now pale faced and dead.

“Was anyone else in the room the night this happened?” I questioned.

“Not that we know of. His bodyguard Val was standing right outside the apartment room said no one entered the room,” said Detective Chase.

“All other detectives say it was suicide.” This didn’t make any sense to me.

“Why would Senator of Massachusetts Garland Peet come all the way to Russia just to kill himself? It makes no sense,” I responded.

“Then what do you think happened Logan?” Chase said after taking a sip of his coffee.

“I think it was murder,” I stated while looking at the cold dead senator lying on the floor.


I walk over to Val. She has tears streaming down her face.

“Were you good friends Garland?” I ask.

“Yes, I have know him for 6 years,” Val responds while breathing heavily. I begin to ask her some questions.

“When he came home did he look upset or sick?”

“N… no but he was very drunk. His friend An… Anatoli brought him home.”

“Have they known each other for a long time?” I questioned.

“No, they just met a few days ago when the Senator arrived at the apartment,” Val said.

“Do you think Anatoli could have killed Garland?” I asked.

“Anatoli seemed like a good man. While he could have murdered Garland… I doubt he did. He was not in the apartment when Garland died.” I walk back to the cold dead body lying on the floor thinking about how he might have died.


7 hours later

Chase and I walk into the crime lab ready to learn new information about what happened to Garland. We quickly walk up to the Henry the forensic scientist investigator who is drinking coffee sitting in a chair. “I think I know what happened to Garland” declared Henry.

“Good, do you know when he died too?” I ask.

“Yes, he died around 11:10 from a poison called bilge,” Henry responded while cleaning his glasses with his shirt.  

“What does bilge do?” Chase questions.

“It burns the heart the heart and lungs causing the body to stop when it can’t fight the bilge off anymore,” I respond, turning from Henry to Chase. Henry seems surprised that I know what bilge is. He shouldn’t be. I took a course in forensic science in college.

“How long does it usually take for bilge to kill someone?” Chase asks.

“Usually about 5 hours, which means he had the bilge enter his body around 6:10” I respond.

“Well it looks like you don’t need me anymore!” Henry says quicky walking away kicking a table.

“He’s got a temper,” Chase says.

“He must have had the bilge at the bar. We should investigate them” I exclaim.

“What about Anatoli?” Chase asks.

“We will question him later” I respond. We both ran out of the lab into the parking lot, got into the car and drove away.

Killing a Puppet: A Short Story by Jackson Moleux

Jackson Moleux

                                                         Killing a Puppet


10 bullets shot- Times Square New York. BAM! BOOM! CHCKCKCKCKCKCCKCKKCKCKKBOOM!! Everyone ducked and ran except for one man. For Elmo could run no more.

                               ************ 30 minutes later: detectives arrive at the scene.

“10 bullets through the body Doc McStuffins, you think you can heal him?” said Peppa Pig, lead detective.

“I think he needs some warm soup and hugs, and when it really gets bad we could sing a song!!!! YAY!”

said doc.

“Doc this is no time for playing, lets go search the rooftops!”

       ****** 20 minutes later

When Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins arrived at the seen there was tons of cops running around and a huge  set up of assault rifles uzi’s and sniper rifles.

“Whoa Peppa I don’t feel to safe. I’ma sit at the wall over there and sing myself a song to clear my head.”

“Alright Doc.”

“Everyone listen up! I need the DNA fingerprints anything you can find on this guy!” screamed Peppa.

And all the cops came running over with items from the seen.

“Here I have some cookie crumbs found at the seen but these cookies are “special cookies” if you know what I mean. The lead suspects are Cookie Monster and Barney. We believe Cookie Monster is a suspect because his trademark is cookies.. But we believe it’s Barney because the “special stuff” we think it came from his tail, like last time. But the biggest clue was there was going to be a big cookie and money deal going on tonight between the two of them, of which Dora was going to orchestrate. All of this is explained in the letter to the police from Elmo.”

“Thank you officer, what else?”

“If you look over there you’ll see the wall has been tagged recently right?”

Peppa turned her head to see a big mural which had a postman Elmo dead with 10 bullets and a letter in his hand. It was midnight at the time, you could tell by the clock for a moon shining bright over New York.

“We believe that it is code for an address and a time. So we have coder Thomas the Tank Engine tying to crack the code.”

Peppa rubbed her chin in deep thought when Doc Mc.Stuffins ran up and asked

“So what’s happening at 12:00 73 sesame street? It looks pretty Important, after all” and then she pointed at the letter and the time of the moon.


20 shots from the roof garden.

And then Doc McStuffins was suddenly swimming in blood.

“Tell Dolly that she didn’t have just a cold, she has terminal lung cancer, I was just being a good friend.”

Then doc froze. Her eyes rolled back. Then she started shaking violently and blinking excessively, drool and blood leaking from her mouth. Then she shrieked and screamed. Then it all came to silence once more

“Check the roof deck and everywhere around it for evidence! NOW!!” yelled Peppa.

They looked and they looked but all they could find was a new Dora gang tag on the ground.

“Would someone PLEASE bring Dora in for investigation?”

                                                                ********* 1 day later, the interrogation room

“Do you know anything about the murder of Sir Elmo Richardson or the murder of Doc McStuffins?” calmly questioned  Peppa.

“Nope” she leaned back in her chair and put her hands back behind her head.

Peppa leaped forward pushed all her papers onto the ground and threw her chair at the wall.


“But, we are nice people so we are going to give you two options. You can either turn yourself and everyone else in and we will cut time of your jail time. Or you don’t tell us who’s involved and you will find yourself with 5 extra years. So what’s it going to be?”

“I know who wrote the letter, and who killed Elmo.”

A school summary In the form of 10 haikus See what I did there? by Nate Evangelista

A school summary
In the form of 10 haikus
See what I did there?

The following haikus summarize the 2017-2018 school year. The last one is a haiku of something that hasn’t happened yet, but something we’re all waiting for.

1. Since the beginning,
Homework was piled on us
Now I am stressed out

2. Getting up at six
Not an easy task at all
Hit the snooze button

3. The rumbling school bus
Takes us all away to school
Very bumpy ride

4. Finally, a break
Four days without school or work
Thank you, Thanksgiving

5. The days when we go
On field trips are much better
Than normal school days

6. Music groups perform
Together at a concert
Band, chorus, and strings

7. The daily lunch block
Gets later with each school year
I’m starving to death

8. We are in spring now
Two grades go on big field trips
Next year, sixth graders

9. June approaches us
Now we long for summertime
Still four weeks to go

10. The final bell rings
On the final day of school
We are free once more

MLB Haikus by Ciaran Murphy

MLB Comments

The first 4 Haikus are regular, then the fifth is a reverse Haiku, then It returns to Regular



  1. The MLB, rigged.

Especially the draft, when;

Good teams have good picks.


  1. Red Sox are the best.

No matter what they will say

High ups are so swayed


  1. The Yankees always

Know that they are so corrupt

And think they can cheat.


  1. The Yankees think that;

They can make up claims- they’re false

Are they cheating? Yes.


  1. The Astros have the liking

Of the higher ups, and

I know because of their pick


  1. There are some teams that,

When given the chance for a,

Cheat they will take it


  1. Major League Baseball

Has become more and more corrupt

Because teams do cheat

Public Meeting Review by Carson Boyer

On Monday, March 5th I attended a town meeting where people shared ideas for a new library in Wayland. In the same meeting someone shared an idea to keep the old library and renovate. Both ideas have pros and cons. This is what I learned.

First the library trustee chair spoke and presented their idea. Their idea is to create a new library located at 195 Main St which is right by my middle school. They are getting a $10 million dollar grant for the new building. Additionally, it will cost taxpayers around $16 million dollars. They showed us blueprints and drawings of the new building including a larger teen room, updated technology throughout the entire building, a huge meeting space, kitchenette, Children’s Room and open seating for anyone. It is two times as large as our existing library. It will take 4 to 5 years to build the new library. Other questions asked included how much it will cost to operate the new building and what their plans are for the old library.

After the Chair presented her idea, another women proposed her idea to renovate the existing library. Her point of view is the role of libraries are changing. People can now access books and even whole libraries on their phones, including the Library of Congress. Also people can check out books electronically and have access to the e-books. She also explained the costs of both the new library and cost to renovate the old library. The cost to renovate would save the taxpayers $13 million dollars. If the town decides to build a new library, they will have to renovate the old building anyways and that will cost an additional $5 million dollars. She proposed that the current can be renovated and expanded for $9.5 million dollars.

In my opinion, I believe we should just keep the old library and make renovations as we need. We should  save our money to put towards other town projects such as athletic fields and renovating the old fire station. As a town we do not have an endless supply of money; therefore, we should be frugal and wise with our cash. We have a lot of town needs and a new library is not a “need” but a “want.” Yes, a new library would be cool but why do we need a library to be two times the size of the old library? With a little expansion and some renovation, the old library will better serve the needs of our town.

On April 2nd, the town of Wayland will come together to vote whether or not to fund a new library. If you could vote, what would you choose?

Interview with Mr. Rich by Anshuman Parulekar

GQ Men of the Year: #1 Missssteeerrrrrr Rich

Reporter: Thank you for joining me today Mr. Rich.

Mister Rich : Well it is a pleasure to be with you Anshuman.

Reporter: Let’s Start at the beginning what were the big trends when you were growing up?

Mister Rich: When I was growing up professional wrestling was very popular, hair bands were all the rage and the Rocky movies were big hits, not only that but Star Wars the original trilogy was huge.

Reporter: What about biggest songs, who are some really big bands when you were growing up?

Mister Rich: Guns N’ Roses was a very big band at the time and their song Sweet Child O’ Mine was a big hit. Also, Bon Jovi was a huge band and their biggest hit was Living on a Prayer.

Reporter: What about the older singers like the Beatles and Paul McCartney and Billy Joel and Elvis?

Mister Rich: I like all three of those artists that you mentioned. The Beatles are one of the greatest bands of all time and Paul McCartney has had a wonderful solo career since they broke up. Billy Joel is another legend of rock and roll; my favorite song of his is Uptown Girl and Elvis, well he’s the king; my favorite song of Elvis’s is When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold.

Reporter: Okay, what about sports, what sports were you really into growing up?

Mister Rich: My favorite sports growing up were baseball and basketball. At the time the Celtics and the Lakers had a strong rivalry going for the NBA Championship very similar to the one going on now between the Warriors and the Cavaliers. I also want to mention that the Boston teams back then, besides the Celtics, were not very good, not like they are now.

Reporter: What about singular athletes, what athletes did you really look up to?

Mister Rich: I liked Dwight Evans from the Boston Red Sox, Larry Bird from the Celtics and Magic Johnson from the Lakers. And even though he was a fictional athlete, I liked Rocky.

Reporter: Okay okay, I’ve heard that you signed up for The Voice auditions, what do you think about your future in singing?

Mr. Rich: One of my dreams is to perform at the Xfinity Center which used to be called Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachusetts and someday I would like to open for Jimmy Buffett; that would be a dream come true.

Reporter: This year you burst onto scene as one of the best teachers at the Middle School. Do you believe that first impressions are really important?

Mister Rich: Yes I do and I appreciate you saying that Anshuman but I also feel that the teachers and staff here at Wayland Middle School are some of the best professionals I have ever worked with and they have been so supportive and welcoming to me so I cannot thank them enough.

Reporter: Thank you that’s all the questions I have, do you want to say anything to  all your fans out there?

Mister Rich: Thank you for having me here. It has been a distinct pleasure talking with you once again and I just hope that everybody finishes the year strong and has the greatest summer ever.

Mr. Rich Hits It Big by Selena Liu & Kyra Spooner

Mr. Rich Hits It Big!

Mr. Rich, the study teacher for most 6th graders, has a hobby. Ever since 6th graders have discovered him, he has blown up with likes, views, and subscribers on social media. What is next for him?

A Singing Study Teacher?

Ever since students have discovered that Mr. Rich, a study teacher at WMS, sings, he has blown up. Students have found him on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Youtube, and more!

Sharks are Coming!

Mr. Rich’s most popular song has been viewed 202 times as of Monday, May 14, 2018.

“Sharks are Coming” has not only been viewed so many times, but also has been liked 29 times. He has 79 subscribers, but we believe that he can gain much more. So, we encourage you, reader, to subscribe to Mr. Rich’s channel.

Just go to YouTube, and search up “The Sharks are Coming” and you should see “The Sharks are Coming, Joe Rich.” near the very top of the screen.

Yep. That’s right. That’s how many views Mr. Rich has got. And that’s just in one video!

Not Just That?!

Mr. Rich has plenty of other songs, such as “Laura’s Song.” That song has been viewed plenty of times, and has earned him plenty of likes.

Mr. Rich has published around 30 songs. In fact, his songs are so good that they are on Apple Music!

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