A Walk Through The Ocean by Aydan McGah

Ice cold water
splashes across
the ongoing ocean floor.

My bare feet push deeper
into the grainy sand
while I shut my eyes
and listen to the waves crash.

The bright sun, shines down
as the seagulls
glide in the air.

Calico crabs hide
under barnacle covered rocks
and between slippery seaweed.

I dance across the beach,
skipping rocks into the mysterious
dark water.

The cool Maine breeze
rushes across my face
as I relax and watch
streaks of orange and pink
disappear as the sun sets.

The Orange Triangle Chapter 1: The Darkness by Stephen Creavin

I see darkness.

Pitch black.


No space or anything around me.

Just nothing.

Then I taste leather tied tightly around my mouth. Heat swarms around me and I feel if I’m burning. But still, I still see empty darkness, empty darkness with no life, nothing living.

I have a suddenly have a feeling that washes over my body, neither hot or cold or in between. It’s impossible to describe the feeling, it was sort of like, realisation but missing understanding. Like something that you didn’t know where it fit but you knew it was part of something. That’s how I realized I had my eyes closed. I tried to force my eyes open but they were like a powerful force fighting against me, pushing back at me. I suddenly felt very tired and darkness swirled around me, wrapping me in warmth. But I was not feeling warm, I was scared, of this darkness. Of this emptiness. As darkness swirled I seemed to drift farther and farther from understanding. Before understanding slipped from my hands I asked one question to no one in particular, the words “Where am I?”.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Get CPR Certified By Anna Walsh, Jennie Rosen, and Jenna Brandaleone

You can save a lives in multiple ways: Getting CPR certified allows you to help in many life threatening situations such as cardiac arrest, heart attack, choking etc. All of these things listed are very common and it is almost impossible to do anything about these situations without someone there who has knowledge in CPR. 300,000 people suffer cardiac arrest a year!
Helpful for babysitting: Being CPR certified can get you multiple babysitting offers. The parents of the kid can trust you more if you are CPR certified. So you can become a better babysitter
Get a raise: You can get a raise by having more experience with helping a child. You can tell the people you work for and they will trust you with there kid more so then you can get a raise.
Impress people during a job interview: It is really special when going into an interview when you stand out from all the rest of the potential employees because you are unique. Even more you can help others by saving their lives! Their lives are literally in your hands!
You can feel more safe around people: It is good to know that you can help someone in case of an emergency. So don’t go avoiding peers because you’re scared about not knowing what to do in an emergency. Go and get certified so that you can feel confident about yourself and what you can do for others!

Manchester Breeze by Anna Walsh

I descend
knee deep
into chilly refreshing water.

Feet sink
into wet rocky sand.

Water splashes
droplets fall lightly on my face.

I walk deeper.
A tide so low
you could walk for miles still keeping your head above.

I wave my cousin on
urging her to descend deeper into the salty waters.
Water rises up my legs
reaching up
to touch my shorts.

Boats chug past.
The engines play a soft melody in my ear.
New adventures await
the content sailors.

Eyes stay focused ahead,
hands stay fastened to the wheel,
waiting for whatever the ocean brings.
Navigating the cold
wavy waters
breezy ocean winds.

I look back down
to water’s sandy surface,
to creatures below.

It’s not there.

I continue on until I see
small sand dollars.

My hand plunges into the crisp water.

Found one!

My sister and cousin come splashing over
to admire the small treasure
I have found.
They lightly hold the precious creature,
as if their lives depended on it.

I smile and hand them the sand dollar,
to add to the collection
and continue looking
in cool, salty water,
on this breezy day,
in Manchester.

The Call By: J. Anonymous

The phone rings.
It is 3 am.
I can hear the dead silence;
the house is does not move.
It feels like years
before I hear my mom say

The next morning there is luggage
at our front door.
The plane ride feels empty.

We are there
The white walls

surround us.
The rooms are filled with people.
A person in blue points us towards the room:
We see him,
his body limp, covered in scars,
he does not move,
in his white room
with a single light hanging over the bed
As I look, I wonder
what will happen next.

Top Ten Tropical Fruits By Jenna Brandaleone, Anna Walsh, and Jennie Rosen

For a little taste of warmer weather:

1. Dragon Fruit or otherwise known as pitaya is a fruit indigenous from the Americas tasting almost like a kiwi.

2. Coconuts are from the family of arecaceae! It is the only species of genus Cocos. Coconuts contain a very sweet interesting taste.

3. The Arkansas black apple was founded in the year 1870. The black apple is known for its juicy taste. It also grows very quickly and it is very tasty when you bake it in a pie.

4. Grapefruit is a tangy fruit with a hint of sweetness. The grapefruit is native to India, China, Thailand and Malaya. The grapefruit is also 90% water. It taste good and it refreshes you

5. Oranges are the fruit of the citrus species called the Rutaceae. One single bite of this tasty fruit sends a explosion of citrus on your taste buds.

6. Papaya is one of twenty-two in the species of genus Carica in the family Caricaceae. Papayas carry a sweet, melon like flavor. However the seeds are a bit more spicy.

7. Yellow passion fruit aka Passiflora edulis is a vine species of passion flower that is native to southern Brazil through Paraguay to northern Argentina. Its common names include passion fruit or passion fruit (English), maracuya (Spanish), grenadille (French), maracujá (Portuguese) and lilikoʻi (Hawaiian). Yellow passion fruits have a tart, fruity taste.

8. Mango is one of the most popular fruits in the world. Mango’s were first grown in India over 5,000 years ago. Mangos are very sweet . Just like mangoes are sweet they are also considered as a gesture of friendship.

9. Purple Mangosteen – The purple mangosteen, otherwise known as simply as the mangosteen, is a tropical evergreen tree believed to have originated in the Sunda islands and the Moluccas of Indonesia. It’s a sweet, nutritious, purple and white, odd looking fruit.

10. Black sapote is a fruit with many names. Such as, chocolate pudding fruit for its similar taste to the chocolate dessert we all love. chocolate. It is native to eastern Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and into Colombia.


In The Dot by Daniejah Franklyn

The windows are down
and the wind breezes by my face.
The street is crowded by houses
that lie on top of one another.

I see rippling lights,
flickering to a rhythm
that is not heard.
The sky is pitch black
with small sparkles hardly seen.

I walk on the lumpy sidewalks
with gum stains chalk stains,
and my brain replays
scraped knees and our old swing set,
as I open the door to my childhood.

Memories are triggered by the smell of home
and they flourish in my mind.

Comfort waves over me
and I sigh a refreshing breath.
at home in the Dot.

How Languages Tranform Individuals into Communities By Jennie Rosen

Hello, salve (latin), guten tag (german) , こんにちは (japanese) , שלום (hebrew), hola (spanish) . Languages are such a big part of this world – they can transform you. Languages can help if you want a job: you can get more job offers if you fluent a second language. Some languages can also help your English. Latin is very good to learn, especially if you want to do well on the SAT. You can also learn more about other people’s culture. Lately, people look at the news and they believe everthing it says. They blame a whole culture based on a small group of people. If you learn another language it would help you understand that culture better. You can also study abroad if you want. and you would be able to communicate with others. Languages bring people together. People can be afraid of what is different, but why can’t you be friends with what’s different then you? If you take off your blinders and look at the world in a different way you can learn so much. You should not just rely on TV to tell you something. You should go out into the world and figure it out yourself. Learning different languages is a start, and it can help you on your journey to discovering the world.

Top Ten Facts about Groundhogs! by Jenna Brandaleone and Anna Walsh

1.. Did you know that groundhogs are rodents? I didn’t! Groundhogs are rodents because of their continually growing teeth. Thats right! Groundhogs have buckteeth!

2..Groundhogs=Woodchucks! Did you know that!? Many people have this misconception that groundhogs and woodchucks are two different animals entirely!

3. Groundhogs have a special diet! Groundhogs gorge themselves with food all summer to build up plentiful reserves of fat! Sound fun!

4.Are your flowers being eaten? Well, there’s a good chance that a groundhog is actually eating them! Groundhogs eat generally flowers, dandelions, garden vegetables, bark, clover, carrot tops, beans and peas, and apples!

5. Many groundhog babies! Groundhogs welcome a litter of about a half a dozen newborns in the spring every year! Thats a lot of Kids… and a lot of work.

6. Cousin Squirrel! Groundhogs when visiting their family actually visit squirrels! Why? Well because groundhogs are the largest species of the squirrel family.

7. Chirp, Chirp, Whistle! Nope, i’m not talking about a bird! Groundhogs make their own special chirping and whistling noises to communicate!

8. Bathroom best. Did you know that every groundhog burrow has it’s own bathroom chamber!

9. February 2, 2017! Be sure to celebrate groundhog day this year!

10. Groundhogs are not social! Can you believe it! Groundhogs are pretty quiet and only go out to find a mate! Groundhogs live near each other to protect each other, but they like their alone time a lot!


Wayland Middle School