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7th Grade Trips Review

By: Arianna Desai This article will be covering the field trips that the 7th grade took this year. The first day was Waterworks, followed by Kayaking and Blue Hills, finally Cape Cod. All trips were important and informative for the students.  Day 1 was the Waterworks Museum. This trip was not my favorite, mostly because […]

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The Wonderful Flying Experience 

By Brady Winkler It’s a rainy, freezing day in the middle of February. Shaking with goosebumps, you roll your suitcase into the chaotic Logan Airport with dreams of sunny Florida. It is packed to the brim with business people and vacationers alike scattered about the terminal. This experience can be overwhelming and confusing for some, yet the fastest […]

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LeBron James wins the first in-season           tournament with the Lakers.

By: Will Collett and Nicky Kilmon By Will Collett The Los Angeles Lakers just won the first ever NBA In-Season Tournament. The NBA In-Season Tournament is a tournament in the middle of the season, and the winning team gets $500,000 for every player on the team. There were some changes from regular season games, most […]