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November by Maereg Million and Vivian Munton


By Maereg Million and Vivian Munton

Whether it seems like it or not, it’s finally November folks! November is a month filled with important events, including Thanksgiving, Veterans day, and Election day!


For most of us, when somebody says November, the first thing we think of is Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is pretty straightforward- people get together, be thankful, and eat turkey (don’t ask me- I didn’t come up with that one)! 

The first Thanksgiving ever celebrated was in Plymouth, MA in November of 1621 by the newly arrived Pilgrims and the native tribe of Native Americans called the Wampanoags, and is still celebrated by many to this day.

How might Thanksgiving go this year? Well, instead of having a large party with family and friends, it’s best advised you keep the party within your own family unless you are comfortable with it otherwise. 

Veterans Day!

Why do we celebrate veteran’s day? That’s a good question. Veteran’s day is a day to commemorate those who have served in war. 

Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day, and was dedicated to celebrating the end of World War I. But soon after, World War II came, and the Congress changed the name to Veterans Day, so any Veteran who fought in any war could be remembered. 

Election Day! 

Two days ago, Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020 was Election Day! Now I don’t want to get into politics too much, but this year may be one of the most important elections of all. We have two fierce candidates – Joe Biden and Donald Trump. The race to the spot of president continues. Both need 270 electoral votes to win, right now Biden has 264, and Trump has 214. All eyes are on Nevada, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Alaska, and North Carolina as vote counting is still in process. (Update: Joe Biden won with 306 electoral votes).

Well, that’s all for today folks. Make sure to stay tuned for more! News reporters of 6th grade, Vivian and Maereg signing off! 

Ballad of the Lost by Kyle Robert Davidson

Over three mountains; 

Across three seas 

There is an island (oh please)

On that island and through three trees (right here)

Was a group of people not fond of the sea

They wanted water inside; not out

They told of geysers that always spout 

They spout they say “when we come near”

and yet they say to never be they redeem 

and yet, and yet it always seems

they never get to leave (oy, vey)

they always want, but never get to say;


“oh let us leave, let us find 

the one we will want to bind”

please let us leave they say

They never let it happen anyway

Cajon solo 

The island was gloomy always

Reflecting the peoples self 

I wish this story not to shelf 

As it will be mine

They couldn’t build a boat

And yet, and yet, “it will not float”

And on that day 

They sit and say;


“oh let us leave, let us find 

the one we will want to bind”

please let us leave they say

They never let it happen anyway

10,20,80 years later 

They only learned how to hate ‘er

By her i mean the leader there

The revolution that followed 

Destroyed the island “in the mud they wollo’ed

The people, the people didn’t  swim

They treaded until it all went dim

(final chorus)

And yet, and yet they never find

The ones they want to bind

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By Aidan C. 
On Friday, October 9, 2020


By Maereg Million and Vivian Munton
On October 14, 2020

Believe it or not folks, it’s officially October! This month is filled with exciting events, such as Halloween (for those who celebrate) Indigenous People’s Day, and drum roll please… HYBRID!!! 


Halloween is a fun and spooky holiday on October 31st. Normally, people would dress up in costumes, go trick or treating, and do all sorts of other fun activities! But with covid, nobody knows how halloween might go this year. 

First of all, people are debating on whether we should go trick or treating this year or not. Of course, touching candy and passing it on to little kids isn’t exactly a great example of staying safe from covid. So basically, it’s gonna be different this year. Some people might have small gatherings, like a neighborhood party or family party, but still it probably won’t be the same. Do you think we should be able to go trick or treating this year? 

Honestly, there might not even be much of a point in getting or making a costume. Unless you’re doing a Halloween Zoom or small gathering party, it’s not like anybody outside your family is really gonna see your costume! But nonetheless, creativity counts and what’s Halloween without costumes? 

Indigenous People’s Day

Ok, so we didn’t have school on the second Monday of October. Does anyone know why? Well, you probably are thinking “Of course it’s Columbus Day, dude!” Actually, this year Wayland is switching the title of this holiday to Indigenious People’s Day. I know, I know “who cares, it’s still no school!” But it would be fun and important to learn about the people that we are remembering and why it’s not called Columbus Day in Wayland anymore. Indigenous Peoples’ Day is a holiday that celebrates and honors Native American peoples and commemorates their histories and cultures. It is celebrated across the United States on the second Monday in October, and is an official city and state holiday in various localities such as Wayland-Doesn’t it stink that not all places are remembering these wonderful people. And don’t forget that we aren’t really celebrating, the day should be set aside to continue to talk about our history and commemorate the many Native American Nations ! We are remembering them and It’s important to value and understand that Christopher Columbus was NOT the first one to discover our beautiful country. Let’s give some credit to the Indigenous Peoples who were here and thriving, not just one day, but all year round!

First day of hybrid!! 

Now I don’t know how you guys feel about going hybrid, but personally, I’m super excited. Getting to FINALLY see my friends and teachers in person is gonna be WAY better than staying in a stuffy house looking at screens 5 hours a day! Although we’re going back, there are gonna be a lot of changes. We’re gonna have to bring  masks,  SPARE MASKS, there will be half as many people in the hallways as usual, and there’s gonna be MASK BREAKS (I find that one the most ridiculous)!! Unfortunately, this year we aren’t going to be getting lockers because it’s too hard to social distance in such close proximity which is a big bummer because that’s one of the things I was looking forward to in middle school. But look on the other  side- FINALLY, WE GET TO SEE REAL PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       

Well, I hope you are pumped up for this month and whenever you are reading this, Stay Happy, Stay in the Fall mood, and Stay Safe!!!

This is Maereg Million and Vivian Munton 6th Grade Reporters signing off ’till next week!!!!!!!

Happy October Wayland Middle School!!!!!!!

Credits to Olivia Green for editing!!

The Loss of Mr. David Summergrad

By Isaac H. 
On September 25, 2020

The Wayland community suffered on September 24, 2020 when Mr. David Summergrad passed away.

David was a teacher in the Wayland Public Schools until 2000 when he retired. He inspired so many students, teachers and administrators while working  at the Wayland Middle School for twenty-five years. David was an amazing english and technology teacher. Mr. Summergrad also led other great programs in the Wayland Middle School including the Newspaper Club and student council. He also directed Middle School musicals, served as the English Curriculum Leader and as House Leader. He was a passionate advocate for the METCO program, even running marathons to raise money for late busses to ensure that the Boston-resident students could participate in afterschool programs without having to leave right away after school. The joy he took in working tirelessly to unlock every student’s passion for learning inspired countless teachers at the Middle School and throughout the District. David also won an award called the ‘Mary Johnson Travelship’ for his contributions to the Wayland Public Schools in 1995. After 2000, David went to become a principal in elementary and K-8 schools. He trained dozens of future teachers as a professor at Curry College’s teacher preparation program. 

The superintendent of Wayland schools, had the wonderful chance to get to know David well over the last few years through his work in supporting non-profit programs that serve children. 

On a number of occasions, David’s infectious enthusiasm inspired organizations to find solutions that would enable less privileged students to have access to outstanding learning experiences.

David impacted so many people, young and old. The Wayland community can really feel his absence as we offer condolences to his wife, Mary Grace, and his two daughters, Anna and Lisa.
Fun fact: Currently, Anna Summergrad, David Summergrad’s daughter, works at the Wayland Middle School as a 6th and 7th grade teacher assistant!