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Field Hockey Report

 By Sadie Estrada Nabrey Francis On Tuesday, October 5, 2022, Wayland Middle School was going against Concord Middle School on a cold, rainy day. Both teams prepared to play on the soggy grass. Who will win: Wayland or Concord? Before continuing the rest of the article here are some basic facts about field hockey. There […]

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6th Grade Survey

By Isaac Hanna 6th graders are the newest faces in the hallways. We surveyed them this past month and 135 6th grade students responded. Each questions relate to their first two months of middle school.  The first question asked on this survey was the main difference between middle school and elementary school. 70% of people […]

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I Am From

By Ariana Price I am from a petite town filled with luscious forests and friends who reside closeby. A town called Wayland. I am from the school bell’s calm hum that immediately starts chaos, and the “click” sound of students typing thoughtful poems in English. I am from bikes around my neighborhood  listening to other […]