Are First Impressions Good Impressions?

By Sarah Raines

When you meet someone, what do base your first impressions on? Most people say that they base their first impressions on their first conversation with the person. But studies show that only 5% of first impressions are actually made from the content of the conversation. So what are first impressions really based on? 55% of first impressions are actually based on appearance! But what does wearing Marshalls jeans or an Abercrombie and Fitch t-shirt say about your personality? Also, the other 40% of first impressions are based on the person’s speech quality. But just because you mumble or have a foreign accent doesn’t mean that you’re different. In addition to that, another question is: How long does it take you to make a first impression? Most people will say one conversation, or a day, or maybe a week.

A lot of people don’t realize that first impressions are made within the first 5-30 seconds of meeting someone; about 7 seconds is average. But 7 seconds in a conversation is only enough time just to say hi. How can 7 seconds tell you enough about a person for you to judge their character or personality. Next time you meet someone new, take a minute to get to know them before you write them off as a loser, a geek, or a popular wannabe.

A Reason to Swaggerfully Make Your Exit

By Abby McCarthy

“Wow! What a cute top!” you exclaim as you rifle through the rack at Macy’s. The shirt, a ruffled masterpiece in light shimmery charcoal grey, is miraculously on the 70% off clearance rack. Observing the price tag, you are dismayed to see three digits. You can’t help but stare open-mouthed at the little piece of paper, and its big number. It’s not hard to calculate that even with the clearance price, and an additional discount from your Macy’s card (5% off, oh lala!) you still can’t afford it. At this point you have three options:

A. Take out your anger on the sales person, and throw a huge hissy fit. Make a big mess and use colorful language.


B. Go to Washington D.C. and protest to Obama about all these high merchandise prices
Or you could go with Option C, which is what I did:

C. Slump off dejectedly, but hold your head up high, because you’re too cool for that shirt anyways.

But even still, as you swaggerfully make your exit, there is one question that remains:


Interview With Ms. Galvani

By Julia Reck

Q1: What is the best part about being an English teacher?

A: I like talking about books. I also like helping kids find books they like.

Q2: Who is your favorite author and why?

A: I actually don’t have one. I find that different authors are good at different things. Some of the authors I really enjoy, are Curtis Sittenfield, Jane Eyre, and George Elliot.


Q3: What is your favorite book and why?

A: I also don’t have a favorite book. I guess it depends on what mood I’m in, what I feel is interesting, and you get what I mean.


Q4: Why do you like “The Giver?”

A: I enjoy teaching The Giver because I think it gives kids new ideas to think about and it challenges them to use their reading skills in new ways. Many schools who teach The Giver save it for 8th or 9th grade, thinking that their kids aren’t able to handle the content. I think it works for our 6th grade students because Wayland students are hard-working, intelligent kids who are ready for a challenge.


Q5: When and how did you decide you wanted to be an English teacher?

A: After my third year of college, I realized (GASP!) that I need to think about getting a job after college was done.  I was an English major and I had chosen English because I love to read and study books.  Nothing makes me happier that cracking into the deeper meanings of texts.  So I decided I would teach English, so that I could keep studying books.  I thought I wanted to teach high school, but all of my professors in graduate school, and even some of the people who I interviewed with said, “you’re a middle school teacher.”  And they were so right.  I like working with middle school kids because we can talk about reading, writing, and ideas, but also be goofy and have fun.


Q6: What really gets on your nerves in class?

A: When kids decide not to pay attention and to be rude about it.  If  I’m talking, trying to explain something and a kid starts to pack up his materials or to gossip with a friend, it drives me batty.  I’ll put up with just about anything, so long as a kid isn’t rude.


Q7: Which do you prefer and why: People who stare into space but do a really good job at writing/reading or people who pay close attention but don’t do a good job writing/reading?

A: What an interesting question!  I don’t think I can answer it quite as you want . . . I prefer a kid who pays attention and tries really hard.  If you’re not successful but you tried, I’m still happy, because, to me, it’s the trying that counts.  So a kid who has good behavior in class but doesn’t do homework, well, I appreciate that the kid isn’t disrupting my class, but I’d rather they put more effort into their studies and be checked out or a little naughty in class.  Let’s be honest – this is 6th grade, not 10th or 11th grade.  It’s OK to try and not be successful at your reading or writing.  Middle school is a great place to learn how to recover from mess-ups.





It Comes With A Price …

By Alexis George

It comes with a price
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to get older? I’m not talking like a couple years older but like 80. I myself have in fact thought about it. I sometimes say to myself, at 80 I’m going to look 40. But one can never know. But what if you could? Would you go and see what you would look like at 80 or just let fate take you there??

Well one thing is for sure, if you don’t take care of yourself then you may not even live to be 80. You can start with the foods you eat. Did you know that what you eat affects your mood? By eating more fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains you stay energized throughout the day.

Exercise also comes into play when trying to stay healthy. By exercising you can release stress and build muscles. Even walking a mile a day can boost your metabolism and decrease your stress levels. I know what you may be thinking, I hear this all the time. But the truth is, do you do it?

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy. When you wake up in the morning walk around your room twice then do some jumping jacks and touch your toes. This increases your metabolism and wakes up your brain. Make sure to live your life to the fullest. But you can’t do this eating junk food every day.
Always in moderation my friends.

Instead of…
Ice cream try Frozen yogurt
Milk chocolate try Dark chocolate
Pudding try Yogurt
Lays potato chips try Baked lays

These are just some alternatives. Think about what your putting in your mouth before you put
it in your mouth.

Would You Like to Know???? What???

Hey Everyone! Listen up! Put down that Twinkie because you don’t know how much bad stuff is in that thing!  Because I got something to ask you! Now be warned this might make you think a little more than you normally do (or can).
If you could know when, where, how and why you die would you want to know?

Scary right? Now your probably thinking: Why would someone say yes? Or Why would someone say no?

Yes: Someone might want to know because if they knew when they could tell all the people they hate that they hate them the day before they die. They could do all the daring stuff they never thought possible. They could know when and do the stuff they would be aloud to do. They could brake the rules and would be able to get in trouble. It also might be good because what if you die at 104? then you could live a long happy life. It might be a fun surprise! You could party all night and stay up all night the day before you’re death.  They would want to die satisfied knowing that they’ve accomplished all of they’re dreams, and no holding back.

No: others might say the don’t want to know when they die because they would be too nervous about it. Because shouldn’t you live every day like its you’re last? And how would it benefit you? Would it make you happier? More sad? What if it says “ NOW DUCK!”  that would be funny! I mean scary…haha. What if you die in a really bad way? Suffering and a slow painful death? That wouldn’t be funny! They also might have no control, have anxiety, have fear. they might live the rest of their lives in dread because they find out they die in a horrible way. They might be surprised, shocked, and worried. It’s to risky , because there is a chance it might you might live a peaceful pleasurable life or you could live short devastating life.

So please comment on would you want to know? Or not? Think about it…

Special thanks to opinions from: Lily T, Sharmila M, Julia R, Chris L, Andy H, Shayla M, Alexis G, Mr.Lenz, Abby M, Katie D, Amanda K, Sarah R, Mr.Gorsky, Agatha F, Mr.Lafond, Ms.Galvani, Mr.O’Connor, and all of Red Social Studies Class, David Cluster.

Not Just Another Article About Sports

By Sharmila Mysore

Sports…So many sports….big sports, small sports, sports on land, sports in the water, sports with rackets, sports with balls…anyway there are so many sports. Let me set the setting for you with 5 of my favorite sports! Just think, the agility the stamina, the perseverance, the energy, and the crowd goes wild!

Basketball: The all-mighty b-boy sport, the hang out sport you would do at a friends house, one of the most simplest of sports, there’s a difference between playing around and playing the game! Sneakers to floor on your toes ready for the pass dribble down field fake-out here fake-out there 30 seconds left on the clock, you shoot! SCORE! the crowd goes wild! Yay! “What you are as a person is far more important that what you are as a basketball player.” -Unknown

Baseball: Red Sox! Red Sox! Red Sox! Boom Boom Clap! Boom Boom Clap! We will we will rock you! Lights are on field is still and heavy with pressure pitcher lifts up his foot, glove to nose, head cocked away from the batter, it all happens with one swift motion, hand flicks the ball 95 mph, the ball is spinning like crazy the fans are on there knees…and! HIT! The bat swings up and the ball goes flying like an eagle, the crowd is cheering…you just got a home run!  “People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball.  I’ll tell you what I do.  I stare out the window and wait for spring.  ~Rogers Hornsby”

Swimming: The water sport…the one the only….swimming! You know that quote: “ We swim because we are to sexy for a sport that requires clothes.  ~Author Unknown” its totally true! “STEP UP ONTO THE BLOCK!” arms are heavy, knees weak, feet are ready, tip – toe up onto the first step as fast racing thoughts go through your head. “SWIMMERS TAKE YOUR MARK!” You bend down, curl your toes over the edge of the block, bend backwards curve your fingertips next to your toes, lunging back like a cheetah ready to attack and…”GO!” Rush panics through you,now everything depends on you.
Football: Rough and tough, strong and brave, smart and quick, those are just few of many words to describe football. The boys and the girls unite for this one moment where it all depends on the team and there next move. This is it once you make a move its done its over there is no turning back. Snap back to reality, football in hand fingers gently gliding across the satin leather and the small bumps occurring. there is mud on every ones faces and clothes the field is recked, 2:00 minutes on the clock, its now or never, hands all sweaty knees scratched up “Blue 42!…HIKE!” the game has only just begun. “Football Is an honest game. It’s true to life . It’s a game about sharing. Football is a team game. So is life.” – Unknown

Soccer: “Goalie ready?!” “Tweet!” “Pass! Pass!” You jerk your foot forward make contact with the ball and it goes, goes all the way home! Your on the tip of your toes now, shirt tucked in, hair tied back, swaying back and forth side to side waiting until the other player comes close enough for you to make your move. Bam! the player is running fast fast, one slightly bad touch and the ball is youre’s! Dribble back keeping the ball within 36 inches, feet sashaying the ball in sides of your feet. You take a quick look up! And! 5 out of breath people running as fast as they can ready to attack and steal that ball. But you?…..your ready! With one quick touch forward you sprint as fast as a cheetah, knees bent, heart pounding, sun blazing nothing else in the world matters now, you pull a move on one girl, race past the other, and you just keep going, and amazing feeling sweeps through you. Your ponytail flipping back and fourth….its all yours the wide open goal with one person who just didn’t stand a chance against you and the open field. Everyone is watching at this point, eyes wide open praying that you will make it. you finally make it there and now its just you and the goalie, you have about 5 seconds to think…too much time!  with one swift motion you arch your foot and power with everything you got the ball flies in the air over the goalies head and falls into the net back. You did it! You SCORED!  “It’s why we play the game. Anything is possible, anything can happen, and we proved that again tonight” – Unknown
Sports oh the wonders of the world, those are just five of many different settings and experiences to the beauty, the art, the works, of sports!

The Fifth Graders Are Coming!!!!!!

By Alexis George

As the feet of what you once were a year ago touch the middle school grounds you feel your heart thud in your chest. This shouldn’t be very nerve racking but the truth of the matter is, there are around 100 or so 5th graders staring right at you and you have to lead 20 something of them around the middle school.  No pressure right?

Next thing you know you’re leading a noisy group of 10 and 11 year olds around the school. Who can blame them? I mean who doesn’t like a tour? When the 5th graders come to the middle school for a tour of their soon to be new school, someone needs to lead and one of those people was me.

Don’t you remember when you were in 5th grade? Small and full of energy, excited to be a big kid, move on from the elementary school. Well this is how these kids were acting. I have to admit some of them had some pretty good questions. Others? Well not so much. Jumping around from place to place is how it felt to me until we hit the time for questions than things started to calm down. I remember feeling like, finally my questions can be answered. But the truth is you can never have the answer until you are the answer.

Money Can Buy Happiness and Unhappiness

by Lily Toto
This is a list of 10 great places to shop for clothes or accessories! Enjoy!

1. Abercrombie/ Abercrombie & Fitch
PROS: They have both girls and boys clothes. They sell shirts, pants, shorts, flip-flops, bathing suits, and PJ’s. Clothes look really nice and fit well. The store plays loud music and has dim lighting, which makes it a fun and interesting place to go to.
CONS: Summer and spring clothing there doesn’t usually fit the dress code at WMS. Items are usually  over-priced.

2. Nordstrom Rack
PROS: At Nordstrom Rack you can find designer items, such as Juicy sweatshirts and Ralph Lauren shirts, at half the price of Nordstrom or designer stores. There are many sections of the store, such as teenage/young adult, kid, baby, plus-size, sports wear, and adult sections. The Rack doesn’t just have clothes, but also carries cosmetic products, decorative items, handbags, etc. all at significant savings. It’s huge!
CONS: Even with lower prices it is still mildly expensive. The boy’s/men’s section is smaller then the girl’s/woman’s section. If you are a tween, like me, the kids section will seem too young and/or too small, while the teens section may have clothes that are way too big.

3. Lids
PROS: So many hats! Lids has a machine that embroiders your name on a hat. Mostly guys shop there, but girls can also. Lids is the only great hat store in the Natick Mall.
CONS: The hats can be pricey. All it has is hats!!!!!

4. Aeropostole
PROS: A great teen store with reasonable prices. Good sales. Girls and guys can shop here. There is a lot of variety in the girl’s clothing and the styles are current.
CONS: Not much variety in the guy’s wear. There is a small selection of jewelry, which is cheaply made. The Graphic Tee’s are overpriced and all look similar.

5. Juicy Couture
PROS: Is a designer store. All the clothes are beautiful, feminine and stylish. Juicy is known for their wide selection of sweat shirts in every color and design possible.  Juicy carries a variety of clothing, jewelry, accessories, and cute items for pets.
CONS: Insanely expensive. Girls merchandise only. The styles rarely change so there is not much variety.

6.TJ Maxx and Marshalls
PROS: Nicely priced! Clothing for both genders and all ages.The stores are very large with a lot of merchandise to choose from. . TJ Maxx and Marshalls don’t just carry clothes, but offers accessories, gift items, toys and other items as well.
CONS: The clothing is often past season merchandise. You may not always find what you’re looking for.

7. Hollister and Gilly Hicks
PROS: Both stores carry cute and current clothing. Hollister has both boys’ and girls’ clothing.
CONS: Music is too loud and it’s difficult to see the colors and prices of clothing because it is so dark.  Gilly Hicks is a girl’s store, so boy’s don’t shop there. Summer clothing doesn’t usually fit the WMS dress code.

8. Claire’s
PROS: Great jewelry. Claire’s offers a wide variety of items, including jewelry, hats, sunglasses, cute little objects to give as gifts, and more. The prices can’t be beat and you can get a lot for your money here.  You can also get your ears pierced there!
CONS: It’s a girl’s store. Doesn’t have clothing. A lot of the stuff is for girls of younger age.

9. Forever 21
PROS: Amazing prices. Clothing for any girl from tween-age, teenage to adult. Lot’s of variety of cutting edge styles. Besides clothing, there are also cute shoes, face masks, accessories, make-up, and lots of adorable little trinkets.
CONS: Girls only. Some clothing items are not sewn well and rip easily.  Clothing doesn’t always meet the WMS dress code.

10. JCPenney
PROS: This department store sells clothing for the whole family. The items are usually reasonably priced.
CONS: Not much designer or name brand merchandise.  Clothing can be cheaply made and is not always the current styles or trends. The jewelry is a little overpriced.

The Amish Make Great Ice Cream

By Maddie Moran

If you like good homemade ice cream that comes with a good price and an amazing waffle cone you should go to Big Olaf’s Amish creamery. This is located on 1267 Beneva Rd., Sarasota Florida.

You’re probably thinking, why are you doing a ice cream shop review of a place so far away.? Well,the truth is the ice cream is just so good that if you go to Sarasota you have to stop there. I walked up to the shop curious if it was any good. It looked small and there were many other ice cream shops in St. Armands circle.

My mom told us we should maybe try another one. Some bikers stopped and told us this was the best ice cream around and by far the cheapest. We decided to try it. The store owner who gave us our ice cream was very friendly and quick at scooping the ice cream. I got a small cookie dough ice cream in a rainbow sprinkles waffle cone. It was delicious about the best ice cream I ever had. It was creamy and the cookie dough tasted great.

The waffle cone was by far the best cone ever. It tasted fresh and the sprinkles didn’t even fall off! The ice cream shop had tables and chairs inside but I thought the perfect setting to a perfect ice cream cone in a burning hot place was the outdoors. Remember you can not bring enough napkins! This was the best ice cream to end a great day in Sarasota Florida.

Salty Or Sweet?

Looking for something salty or do you have a sweet tooth?

By Alexis George


Salty or Sweet? That’s the question plenty of people ask themselves when they want a snack. But will the world ever know which people prefer? Well the thing is it depends on the snack. If I offered you a bag of potato chips or a chocolate bar you may say the chocolate bar today, but tomorrow the bag of potato chips. So I left it up to the people, which do you prefer?

Q= If every day you had a snack you had to chose between salty or sweet which would you chose? Also what is your favorite snack in that category?

A=      Salty:

  1. Lays potato chips –David George
  2. Pringles– Madeline Moran
  3. Salt and vinegar potato chips- Amanda Keyes
  4. Potato chips- Lily Toto
  5. “Chips are my downfall”-Mr. Lenz
  6. Pretzels- Ms. Galvani
  7. Pretzels/vegetables(not very salty)- Mr. Gorsky

Salty snack most wanted= Chips



  1. Ice cream- Diane George
  2. Skittles- Makayla George
  3. Sugar cookies- Sharmila Mysore
  4. Ice cream- Abby McCarthy
  5. Ice cream- Lauren McNamara
  6. Carvel Ice cream cake- Katie Dretler
  7. Peanut butter cups- Sarah Raines


Sweet snack most wanted= Ice cream


It looks like we’re all tied up. I guess I’ll have to make the final decision… Cabots Ice cream- Alexis George. So that means that the winner is; Sweet Snacks. Even though some may prefer sweet some may prefer salty the world may never know which is the most preferred.





Wayland Middle School