Sports Roundup by Carson Boyer, Jayanth Mani, Anshuman Parulekar, and Zackary Goldstein

Basketball Sports Section

By Carson Boyer, Jayanth Mani, Anshuman Parulekar, and Zackary Goldstein

Who will win thNBA Finals?

Zackary: Warriors VS. Celtics and the Warriors will win in 7 games

Noah: Lakers

Anshuman: I think that it will be Rockets VS. Celtics, unless the Timberwolves have a late playoff push. In that case it will be Warriors VS. Celtics.

Mr. Rich: Warriors VS. Celtics, and Warriors will win unless Gordon Hayward comes back in time to play. Which is scheduled to happen supposedly on April 7th.

Jayanth: Celtics VS. Rockets.

College Basketball:

The Blue Devils of Duke stand atop the College Basketball Mountain with the Kansas Jayhawks trekking and trying to claim the top spot. Kansas already has a demanding win over the 8th seed in the country and rival the Kentucky Wildcats.   The Blue Devils are also undefeated along with Kansas, Villanova, Texas A&M, Miami, Virginia, Arizona State, TCU, Nevada, and other teams. Here are some of our Elite Eight:


Zack: South: #1 Duke VS. #2 Wichita St., West: #1 Arizona VS.  #2 Villanova, Midwest: #1 Kansas VS. #2 Kentucky, East: #1 Michigan St. VS. #2 North Carolina.

It seems that Zack has no upsets going on before Elite Eight Weekend.

Anshuman: South: #1 Duke VS. #6 UCLA, East:  #1 Michigan St VS.  #2 North Carolina, West: #1 Villanova VS.  #12 Yale, Midwest: #2 Kentucky VS. #5 Xavier.

It seems that Anshuman has a lot of upsets going on.

Breaking News!!

We have just gotten a report that 5th seeded Florida Gators just got knocked off by the FSU Seminoles. This is huge because Florida was a favorite to make the Elite Eight.

Once and Floral: Why Flowers Might Not Be the Ideal Gift by Isabel Xue

It’s the day before Mother’s Day, and of course, like everybody else, you want to get your mom –the most common, most unimaginative, most cliché gift ever– flowers. You and your dad sneak out of the house like two little mice, in hopes to obtain a bouquet of flowers, not cheese. After driving to the nearest grocery store, you quickly dash to the flower section, your father not too far behind you. “Hurry up! Pick one that is not too expensive!” he says. You quickly browse through the price tags, looking for the cheapest but still somewhat alluring bouquet of flowers. To your dismay, all of the blossoms are pricey, so you choose the cheapest one. Later in the day, you present the bouquet to your mom. She smiles and thanks you, only to put the flowers in a vase, and not pay any more attention to them. They die almost as quickly as they are forgotten. Flowers might be known as the most romantic gift ever, but does that status make it a good gift?

Many people believe that flowers are a good gift because for many many years, these beautiful blossoms have been a universal symbol of love, and have been known as the most romantic gift ever. Everybody gives their loved ones flowers during holidays to show their affection and bolster their relationship, and nobody puts any thought into a more unique present that comes from the heart. Because of this, flowers have become hands down the most unoriginal gift ever. Cliché and romance come in a package, yet in this case, one of those elements overrides the other. Neither the recipient nor the gift-giver would be proud of such an unoriginal gift. To illustrate this, according to ProFlowers, around 110 million roses are sold in the US during Valentine’s Day. This means that around 30% of the population buys flowers for the holiday. Presents that symbolize love should be unique to each individual person. Flowers are from a store that anyone could go to, so anybody could buy the exact same flower. Moreover, people are more proud of giving a gift that they put a lot of time and effort into. Everyone can agree that driving to the grocery store does not show much time and effort. I would definitely say that even though cliché and romance come hand in hand, it seems as if the bad side of flowers shows through more than the good side does.

Another reason that flowers are not the best gift is that they die and are forgotten quickly, yet they cause havoc to the environment. For instance, regular roses live for an average of only a week. But from personal experience, I know that flowers become a decoration on display and tend to be forgotten after a couple hours. Another similar example is from my friend, Ashley, who remembers one time when she received a bouquet of flowers. Ashley told me that she instantly put them in a vase and forgot about them. They died two days later, but they weren’t really missed. Ashley’s flower experience shows that I’m not the only who thinks this way. It is clear that giving flowers to someone is not an action that resonates in their heart. Nobody seems to really love these bouquets as a gift. So, why is there such a demanding threat on Mother Nature for these ephemeral blossoms? According to Jennifer Grayson, an environmental journalist for the Washington Post, “up to 80 percent of the 5.6 billion stems of flowers sold in the United States each year are imported. Of those, 93 percent are grown thousands of miles away in production greenhouses in Colombia or Ecuador. And it takes an awful lot of energy and artificial tinkering to keep those flowers fresh.” Flowers are originally soaked in toxic chemicals, thus making them not only harmful towards the environment, but the people working around there too. Afterwards, to preserve the blossoms while they are shipped, they are kept in high energy-wasting refrigerated warehouses and displays(Grayson). The environment already faces enough struggles. Producing a plethora amount of flowers that will soon end up dying and getting forgotten is not something that should be a problem.
Finally, everybody assumes that a girl likes flowers; a common stereotype is that girls treasure these bouquets. This causes many people to believe flowers are the perfect gift for girls. For example, nobody would ever think of giving my brother flowers. As for me, I always receive bouquets for occasions, although nobody asked me if that was what I wanted. Why? I’m a girl who should adore these beautiful blossoms. After all, everybody quotes, “flowers are a girl’s best friend.” But after polling my friends on their prefered gift, it turns out that only one person prefered the floral arrangement. So, what was a more favorable present? Many respondents seemed to find cookies and chocolate more impressive. Teachers all tell us to try to get rid of stereotypes. Presenting a girl an unsolicited bouquet is basically a hidden way of saying, “you are a girl so you have to like flowers.” If someone did say something along those lines to your face, you would be pretty offended. Everyone has their own unique personality, and nobody should assume they would enjoy a certain gift because of a stereotype. A bouquet of flowers might come with a smile, but with no feeling behind it, the blossoms are just based on a stereotypical assumption.

Flowers are everybody’s go to gift, but with a deeper analysis, these bouquets may not seem as pleasant as we thought they were. If you veer away from the flower aisle the next time you go to the grocery store to get your loved one a gift, you may find new discoveries that you wouldn’t have made if you stuck with the standard. Perhaps you’ll make her a very nice card with a beautiful necklace. Maybe you’ll bake her cookies with a special recipe that you invented yourself. When you give the gift to her, no matter what it is, you’ll be satisfied with the wide grin that spreads across her face and lights up the room. Even if it’s not perfect, your loved one will still treasure the gift because you put the time and effort to show that you care about her. Flowers may be a charming superficial decoration, but a gift that someone truly appreciates is one that touches the heart.

Rosie’s Bakery by Kally Proctor

Who would’ve thought that the people behind some of the Boston areas award winning American classics, such as chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies, would be immigrants?

Not me. Not until I walked into Rosie’s Bakery and heard the interesting story behind the store.

It all started with Judy Rosenberg, a kid who loved eating pastries. One day, she decided to make some cookies for Valentine’s Day and share them with the shops around Harvard Square.

And, guess what?

People loved them! They asked her what else she could make, and excitedly, she searched for recipes for foods that she had loved as a child. Once she got started, she found that she could just not stop baking. Judy had discovered her dream job.

As people began hearing about Rosie’s, they came from all around to get a taste of her homemade pastries. After not too long, Rosie’s Bakery was winning all kinds of awards, especially for its brownies and chocolate chip cookies. In 1980, Rosie’s was also named by Boston Magazine as “Best Cake” in its “Best of Boston” edition, calling Rosie’s cakes: “the stuff dreams are made of.”

Now, this is another foreign element comes in. Years later, Judy sold Rosie’s Bakery to a woman named Galina who herself had loved baking ever since she was a four year old kid. Back then, she would spend hours making homemade recipes with her grandmother in Ukraine.

When she moved to America from Ukraine at the age of 19, she brought with her just a hundred dollars, her personal recipes/cookbook, and her hand me down measuring spoon and measuring cup. (pictured above). So, when her recipes call for a spoonful of this and a cupful of that, these are her spoons and her cups.

After she bought the bakery from Judy, she added some recipes similar to hers to the menu, making the selections delicious and exotic, also adding Ukrainian recipes such as rugalah

Today, Rosie’s Bakery has a mix of Judy’s original, and Galina’s recipes, creating a scrumptious selection of cookies, brownies, cakes, pies, and other delicious items. My favorites were the ginger molasses , oatmeal raisin cookies, and the fudge swirl brownie (all of which were soooo soft and soooo tasty). I feel I was lucky to get to have this yummy experience and hope you will be able to enjoy Rosie’s Bakery too.

College Football Weekend Review by Anshuman Parulekar with Carson Boyer and Jayanth Mani

This Weekend was crazy in the College Football world. In probably the most hyped up game of the week a major upset happened in Auburn, Alabama. The top seed in the National Rankings, The Alabama Crimson Tide were knocked off by their cross-state rivals and the 6th seed in the National Rankings, The Auburn Tigers. What was expected to be a close game turned out to be a little bit lopsided with Auburn coming out on top 26-14. Mr. Rich’s personal favorite the Miami Hurricanes saw their playoff hopes fall away as the Pitt Panthers stole the Hurricanes bids at a perfect season with a heart-wrenching upset at Heinz Field giving Miami their first loss of the season. The Hurricanes continue and play the Clemson Tigers at Bank of America Stadium in North Carolina for the ACC Championship. Remember, Clemson is now the #1 ranked team in the country.

College Football Rankings Top 20


Playoff Rankings


#1 Clemson
#2 Auburn
#3 Oklahoma
#4 Wisconsin
#5 Alabama
#6 Georgia
#7 Miami FL
#8 Ohio State
#9 Penn State
#10 USC
#11 TCU
#12 UCF
#13 Stanford
#14 Washington
#15 ND
#16 Michigan State
#17 LSU
#18 Washington St
#19 Oklahoma St
#20 Memphis

My Holiday List by Jake Newton

Presents to Receive

Trailer For Laser X

Lazer X is the ultimate game of tag. Lazer X is lazer tag you can play at home!!! With the all new tower you can play many games like capture the flag and many more mini games. The best thing is you can play one on one or you could play with your whole neighborhood (as long as everyone has a set to wear).

Trailer For Madden 18

Madden 18 is a game on many game systems that has many fun ways to play. Madden 18 is a game that looks like it is real and on TV. There are many different modes that you can play in. Weather it’s a fantasy draft, the all new career mode, or just playing for fun. Madden 18 is like you have never seen it.

Trailer For Fifa 18

Fifa 18 is all new this year with all kinds of new stuff. Weather it is from  new modes to all kinds of other new fun stuff. Fifa 18 is all new with a ton of new features. Going from all this stuff Fifa 18 with all the cool modes still has the original game play which is just playing for fun. Which also has all updated teams for this year!!!

Garoppolo Traded to 49ers by Jayanth Mani

New England Patriots backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been traded to the San Francisco 49ers for a 2018 second round draft pick. This is a very big trade because the Patriots have lost their backup quarterback and the 49ers didn’t have a great quarterback. Another thing that is a huge factor in this trade is that Garoppolo is a free agent next season so the Patriots thought that he won’t come back next season. So they decided to trade him so that they could get something back. But the Patriots have no backup QB so they will have to pick up someone who is a free agent. Luckily, there are rumors that 49ers old backup quarterback Brian Hoyer has been released. If this is true the Patriots will probably pick him up, to become the backup of starting QB Tom Brady.

Here is what Ms. Hagan said about the trade. “I’m happy that Garoppolo will have playing time with the 49ers. I’m sad that he got traded but we’ll figure it out.”

Bill Belichick, head coach of the Patriots said this. “We probably had, in my opinion, the best quarterback situation in the league for the last 2½ years, [but] it’s just not sustainable given the way things are set up.”

Mike Giardi got some information from a source close to Jimmy Garoppolo. Ready to roll. Can’t get on a plane fast enough. He’s waited for this for a long time.” This could mean that Garoppolo was eager to get out of New England.

The Door by Nadia Calder

Every thought, every bone, every cell in my body told me not to open that door, yet my overpowering curiosity was already winning, as it did every time, as it would this time.

Goose bumps appeared on my arms, even though it was a warm summer evening. The moon’s glowing beam of light shied away from the doorway, fizzling out. Nothing could be seen through the crack above the dark oak door. The door was warped and up close I could see long, thick scratches, as if someone, no something, had tried to claw their way in. Snarling and growling filled my ears in an uneven rhythm. And yet, my hand still inched forward until I grasped the door knob. All sounds stopped and a frozen chill filled the room, starting at the door and clawing its way through my body, a chill that my robe and slippers did nothing to help. Along with the slight rust, my hand clung to the knob as my palm grew sweaty.

I opened the door, and I woke up. I was panting, and sweat gleamed on my hands, just like in the dream. Normally, I would dismiss it as any nightmare, except that I had had that same recurring dream for the past week. And the door in my dream was the same as the one in my basement. As I did the past seven nights, I untangled myself from my twisted sheets, pulled on a satin bathrobe, and shoved slippers on my feet.

I padded to the basement and jerked the creaky door open. The stairs were worn beneath my slippers as I crept down them. Spiders crouched in their homes, made in the crevices and cracks of my basement ceiling. On both sides of me, a blanket of dust covered the clutter filled basement. No sounds were omitted through the door. I turned with a sigh and trudged back up the stairs. But then I heard a noise. Again I heard it– definitely a growl. I took a tentative step. The noise grew, shaping into a feeling; fear. I let out a small sound, maybe a gasp or a quiet yelp, I don’t know. Whatever it was, was greeted by sudden silence– a pulsing, awful silence. I shrunk back.

There was something behind that door, some thing, and it couldn’t be good.

Leaves by Kally Proctor

Emerald green and crisp
rustling with the breeze
When they fall in Autumn
they crunch underfoot
Filling the air
with the aroma of
and they cover the ground
with the colors of
Red, Orange, Yellow, and Brown
Leaving the trees
and when in Spring they return
Once Again
That emerald rustle
The air
Once again

Adrian Peterson Traded to Cardinals by Dylan Aufman and Jayanth Mani

Adrian Peterson traded to Cardinals for an undisclosed draft pick

By: Dylan Aufman and Jayanth Mani


October 10, 2017: New Orleans Saints running back Adrian Peterson has been traded to the Arizona Cardinals for a 2018 undisclosed draft pick, meaning that only they know what round the draft pick is. Peterson has run for only 81 yards on the season, which is very low for a NFL running back of his caliber. Moreover, Peterson has been getting very few carries, because the Saints have other capable running backs in Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram.


Here is what our classmates think:


“I think this is a good trade for both trade for both teams. The Arizona Cardinals just lost David Johnson in a bad injury, he is out for the season. The Cardinals need a good running back if they want to go big this year. The Saints have good backup running backs such as Mark Ingram. Also, Peterson wasn’t doing that well on the Saints. Peterson found home on the Vikings and I think he can find home on the Cardinals as well.”

Upcoming Movies by Morgan Lee and Anastasia Vavrick

Watching movies is always a fun source of entertainment. Especially when they are still showing in movie theaters. But which movies will be showing soon, and when? This is a list of upcoming movies.

Written By Morgan Lee and Anastasia Vavrick

Name: Release Date:

Star Wars: The Last Jedi December 15, 2017
Luke Skywalker’s peaceful and solitary existence gets upended when he meets Rey, a young woman who shows strong signs of the Force.

Paddington 2 January 12, 2018
Paddington undertakes a number of odd jobs to afford a unique pop-up book from an antique book shop – a present for Aunt Lucy on her 100th birthday. But when the book is stolen, it’s up to Paddington and the Browns to find the thief.

Wonder November 17, 2017
Based on the New York Times bestseller, WONDER tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time.

Ferdinand December 15, 2017
A giant but gentle bull must find a way to break free from his captors and return home to his family.

Coco November 22, 2017
Despite his family’s generations-old ban on music, young Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) dreams of becoming an accomplished musician like his idol Ernesto de la Cruz (Benjamin Bratt). Desperate to prove his talent, Miguel finds himself in the stunning and colorful Land of the Dead. After meeting a charming trickster named Hector (Gael García Bernal), the two new friends embark on an extraordinary journey to unlock the real story behind Miguel’s family history.

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