Salty Or Sweet?

Looking for something salty or do you have a sweet tooth?

By Alexis George


Salty or Sweet? That’s the question plenty of people ask themselves when they want a snack. But will the world ever know which people prefer? Well the thing is it depends on the snack. If I offered you a bag of potato chips or a chocolate bar you may say the chocolate bar today, but tomorrow the bag of potato chips. So I left it up to the people, which do you prefer?

Q= If every day you had a snack you had to chose between salty or sweet which would you chose? Also what is your favorite snack in that category?

A=      Salty:

  1. Lays potato chips –David George
  2. Pringles– Madeline Moran
  3. Salt and vinegar potato chips- Amanda Keyes
  4. Potato chips- Lily Toto
  5. “Chips are my downfall”-Mr. Lenz
  6. Pretzels- Ms. Galvani
  7. Pretzels/vegetables(not very salty)- Mr. Gorsky

Salty snack most wanted= Chips



  1. Ice cream- Diane George
  2. Skittles- Makayla George
  3. Sugar cookies- Sharmila Mysore
  4. Ice cream- Abby McCarthy
  5. Ice cream- Lauren McNamara
  6. Carvel Ice cream cake- Katie Dretler
  7. Peanut butter cups- Sarah Raines


Sweet snack most wanted= Ice cream


It looks like we’re all tied up. I guess I’ll have to make the final decision… Cabots Ice cream- Alexis George. So that means that the winner is; Sweet Snacks. Even though some may prefer sweet some may prefer salty the world may never know which is the most preferred.






Is Voice Modification in CD’s Dishonest?
By Sarah Raines
You’re listening to your favorite singer in the car and you ask yourself, “How does she hit that high note?” or, “Why aren’t I as great of a singer as him?” What you don’t know is that the singer may actually be tone deaf.
Recently, they have developed machines that can be used to correct the speed and pitch of your voice, and to make you sound like you know exactly what to be singing.
Have you ever been to a live concert? Maybe if you weren’t being blinded by the singer’s sheer awesomeness, you might have noticed that they are singing some notes out of tune or they’re out of breath.
But is it wrong that your favorite singers can really only sing as well as you? Or is it great that the record label conveniently makes sure the CD sounds just right before sending it out to stores.
This may be what happened a year ago when everybody was feeling “Bieber fever.” Was Justin Bieber a case of voice modification gone wrong, or is he a teen heartthrob with a unique voice? I have friends who worship him, and others who refuse to say his name, while I stay decidedly neutral (because of fear of being stuck in the crossfire). The real question is, “Does he really sing like that?”
Bands in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s didn’t need voice modification. So why do we need it now? The Beatles were just fine without it. Plus, is it selfish to pretend to sing even if you can’t? Which one is worse, lip-synching or voice modification? Is voice modification misleading or dishonest or neither? I asked the readers for input.
Questions and Answers About Voice Modification
Q: If bands in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s didn’t need voice modification, why should we?
A: Singers were better back then and singers want to make their singing more attractive- Katelyn Rand and Sophie Mannarino
Q: Are singers selfish to pretend that they can sing even if they are tone deaf but have the “right look”?
A: It’s completely selfish. It’s so stupid that singers need “help” to sing- Clare Lippincott.
Q: Which one is worse, voice modification or lip-synching?
A: Lip-synching is worse because singers should sing at their own concerts and they shouldn’t need it and people pay a lot of money to see them live- Katelyn Rand.
Q: Is voice modification misleading, dishonest or neither?
A: It’s definitely misleading, but I don’t know if you can call it dishonest- Katie Dretler
I conclude that voice modification is a definitely wrong, but it usually makes CD’s sound better.

You Don’t Need to Be 21 to Shop Forever

By Maddie Moran

If you like cute clothes, tons of merchandise, and all for a good price you should go to Forever 21 in the Natick Collection ( even though they are in almost every mall)! The last time I went to Forever 21, I went in search for a good deal.

I don’t buy just any clothes, they have to be cute and a reasonable price, so this was great mission for me. My top three deals were these. The third greatest deal was the patch pocket dress for $7.50. This beach-like dress comes in almost every color you can think of, plus it has a cute little pocket.

The second greatest deal I found was the stretch knit shorts for $3.80. These shorts are from the new sports line in Forever 21. Almost all the clothes in the sports line are great deals.

Finally, the number one deal I found was the shirred knit top for $3.50. This is a shirt that comes with a pocket and in multiple colors like the patch pocket dress. Remember to hurry in soon if you want any of these awesome deals because the merchandise is always changing. You can also always order order online at Forever 21 is the store you want to go to on your next trip to the mall!

The Road to Houston

By Peter Tsipis

The first two rounds of March Madness is over and only 16 teams remain. The most surprising thing that has happened this year is the number of upsets there have been.

One of the big upsets was George Mason beating Villanova. George Mason came out of nowhere this year and got a 8 seed, then beat Nova. But their season came to an end as they got destroyed by the #1 seed,  The Ohio State University. Another big one was Moorehead State beating Louisville. They got sent home by Richmond…oh ya Richmond. The 12 seed beat the 5 seed Vanderbilt, then beat Moorehead state and now there in the sweet 16. Now there is this one upset team who might have a chance going to the final 4. VCU.

They won the 11 seed play-in game, upset Georgetown, then upset Purdue, and now are facing Florida State (who upset Notre Dame in the second round) who they could probably beat and just like that there in the elite 8. And there is more like Marquette beating Syracuse in the second round, Gonzaga beating St. Johns (N.Y.) in the first round, and 8 seed Butler beating 1 seed Pitt in the second round. There are many teams like Richmond, VCU, Florida State, Butler, Marquette, and Arizona who were a surprise to the sweet 16 (but not Zona for me. I predicted them going to the sweet 16).

The road to Houston continues with three point teams like Ohio State, and comeback teams Like VCU and Richmond, that could have a chance. The final 4 spots are still open for an upset team… Then again, Ohio State, San Diego State, and Duke are very good.

The Earthquake in Japan

By Sarah Raines

On Friday March 11, Japan was struck by an 8.9 (now upgraded to 9.0) earthquake, creating a large tsunami with waves around 23 feet high.

While we were in bed, the earthquake shook the whole country. Buildings swayed, glass shattered, and cars were swept away in the tsunami that followed the quake. The hardest hit town was Sendai, a coastal town, near the epicenter of the earthquake. The tsunami surged through the town, all the way to the town limits, and almost everything there was either broken beyond repair, or carried away by the wall of water.

The airport was completely totaled, leaving behind massive piles of rubble and debris. In Tokyo, the capital of Japan, people grabbed their valuable belongings, and hid under doorways and desks, hoping that the quake would end.

Some of the results of the quake are lack of food, nuclear radiation issues, because of the tsunami waves ruining nuclear plants, and lack of housing. Also, the country of Japan was shifted 8 ft., and the earth was shifted on its axis 6 and a half inches, causing each day to be a microsecond or two shorter. Sadly, many people have passed away, and many people were left out in the cold. Hopefully, Japan will recover quickly from this disaster.



By Alexis George

You whisper in your friend’s ear, “Don’t you just hate her sweater.” But whether you realize it or not hate is a strong word and can really hurt someone.

The biggest thing with hate is saying you hate someone you barely even know. When I walk down the halls and hear someone saying “oh I hate Justin Bieber” or “I hate Katy Perry. ” I imagine going up to a stranger and saying I hate you because I don’t like your music or I hate you because I just do.

This is really what people will do hate on people they don’t know. You can’t just go by the facts you get reading magazines because half of it isn’t true. Now if you said I hate this person and you just met them that is just another reason to not hate them. A first impression isn’t everything.

I asked some classmates who I heard talking about Justin Bieber if they liked him or not. Some of their answers were, “Oh I hate Justin Bieber.” I asked them why they hated him, their response, “He looks like a girl, and he sings like one/ I don’t know.” My response was how can you hate someone you don’t know they still gave me the same answer with flushed cheeks. So in the end my point is don’t say you hate someone you don’t know well enough to hate.

An Interview with Mr. Griggs

By Lauren McNamara

Q: Mr. Griggs, I have heard that your the head custodian. Do you really like your job?
A: Yes, I do like it.

Q: How hard do you think your job is from a scale from 1-10, 10 being the hardest?
A: It would probably be a nine.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?
A: I’m not really sure. I like a bunch of things about my job, I can’t decide.

Q: If you had the chance to change jobs, would you?
A: I would only switch jobs if I get promoted!

Q: Why did you take this job?
A: I took it for many different reasons, but mainly because of the security.

Q: How long have you had this job for?
A: Nine years.

I’m A Belieber

Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never Review

By Alexis George


This movie was one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen. Most people will walk into the theater with a negative attitude and walk out loving Justin, (me).

Some people I know (they know who they are) have fallen on the floor in the movie theater crying because of their new found love of Justin Bieber (no joke I was there). At the moment, I am a total belieber not just because of his amazing music but by seeing this movie.

Once you learn about a person you won’t judge them as harshly and will have at least a little respect for them. This documentary had some home videos of Justin and him on tour. I highly recommend it even if you don’t like him you will most likely change your mind. If you think are too cool to see this movie then that’s your loss. He is truly inspirational.

Is Sitting More Dangerous Than it Seems??

By Alexis George

You’re sitting on your couch, your dad is at work sitting at his desk all day. Your mom is sitting on the computer and your older sister is sitting down, talking on the phone. Spot a trend? Sitting has become a second nature. But the truth of the matter is if you are sitting more than six hours a day than you can be at risk of becoming obese.

Marc Hamilton, a physiologist in Louisiana, discovered that when he prevented lab mice from standing up an enzyme that burns fat gets turned off. Is this what is happening to us? Well there are a few exceptions, If you are eating healthy and not overeating you will be less at risk of becoming obese.

Studies have found that sitting and smoking have striking parallels. Decades ago, smoking was so socially acceptable almost everyone did it, not only did we believe it was acceptable but that it was not harmful to our health either. Is there anything we can do? Well there is, and we have already started doing it.

As shown on ABC News the people in an office in Minneapolis, Minn have gone from overeating and sitting at a desk all day to having treadmill desks and walking meetings. If we can do these things in offices around the U.S. maybe we can lower obesity rates and have a healthier lifestyle. So next time you are offered a chair when you don’t need one think twice about your answer.


But I Don’t Want to Gain Weight!!

Could having your tonsils removed lead to weight gain?? That’s what recent studies have been looking into.

Having your tonsils removed is a regular thing in the U.S. but studies have found that after having the surgery  you most likely will gain weight in the following years. Don’t be afraid though, they don’t know if everything is 100% sure.

Wayland Middle School