DC Podcast

These podcasts are for you to download and sync to your own mobile device.  Please be aware that this must be done at home with your itunes account.  These files will provide more information (audio and picture) about the sites you may see while in Washington, DC.

Follow these steps

New Step: Click on a link  for the individual post for each podcast. Continue with the instructions to right-click and download to your computer. The file name should end in .m4a. 

STEP 1:  Right click or control click on each podcast link below and select Save As from the pop up menu.

STEP 2:  Drag the file from where ever you downloaded it into itunes.  All five podcast files should be in one playlist (titled DC 2013).

STEP 3:  Sync to your mobile device as usual.  Do not sync in school because you will loss all of your music!

Link:  DC Arlington National Cemetery

DC Military Monuments & Memorials

DC Presidential Memorial & Monuments

DC War Memorials

DC Other Sites

See Ms. Monahan or Ms. Valdes for assistance if needed

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