A Nourish…ing Place

Nourish Restaurant Review

Do you want to eat at a place that serves great food that is healthy too? Well “Nourish” is the place for you. It is located on 1727 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington, MA. Also, you can come there and listen to live music on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night. Cool right? 🙂

My mom and I shared an appetizer called Phyllo Rolls. It was really good. Those rolls are made out of cauliflower, kale, mushrooms and garlic, and are served with cranberry chutney and cucumber salad. My favorite part was actually the cucumber salad which you can also order as a separate side dish. For my main dish I had a the delicious Taboule Chicken Plate, which is natural chicken sautéed with taboule*, served with hummus**, pita*** and a side house salad with Tahini dressing. All for $14.00. Good deal right? The chicken was very tender and juicy and the sides were crisp and yummy. There are many other appetizers you can choose from, for example: Rice Paper Rolls, Quesadilla, Falafel Sampler, Hummus Dipping Platter, and assorted soups. There are also a lot of salads like: Caesar Salad, Sweet Beet & Feta Salad, House Salad and more. The entrees are always a treat. They include: Baked Dill Salmon, Seared Alaskan True Cod, Taboule Chicken Plate, River Rock Farm Meatloaf, Mediterranean Chicken Plate, Steak Tips and much more. If you’re a BBQ kind of person, they also have Memphis Ribs (pork ribs), and BBQ Chicken.

You can even come here to quickly eat and leave, like Subway, or D’angelos, because they have many different kinds of wraps, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. Some include: Mediterranean Chicken Wrap, Wild Alaskan Salmon Wrap, BBQ Chicken Sandwich, River Rock Farm Beef Burger, Black Bean Burger, Garlic Veggie Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza.

I hope you enjoyed my restaurant review about Nourish.

~Lina Baranovsky

*Taboule is a middle eastern salad made of wheat, chopped parsley and mint, tomatoes, and scallions. It is seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil.

**Hummus is a middle eastern spread.

***Pita is a middle eastern pocket bread.

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