Climate Change Protest by Nathan Oh

I am a climate advocate. On Friday, September 20th, all around the globe school children walked out of their classes to protest climate change. At our middle school, Wayland Middle School, there was a small climate change walk out to protest the warming of our planet due to the greenhouse effect. Only about 20 people showed up, all from 6th grade, to protest the warming of the climate for about 10 minutes to peacefully protest before going back inside.

6 thoughts on “Climate Change Protest by Nathan Oh”

  1. In fact a few 6th Graders have started protesting before school starts, on Fridays, I’m not sure where though you might be able to ask around. I’m not sure

    1. Oh yeah, I think I saw them on the not-school side of the crosswalk, right where you turn in for pick-up and drop-off. I was thinking about interviewing them for an article, but I haven’t gotten around to asking them if I can email the questions. Don’t feel like I’ve claimed the topic though; feel free to interview them yourself.

      1. Go ahead, I kind of bounce around on topics so I didn’t really “claim” it. I think it might actually be good to get different views on climate change, I wrote about the protest since it didn’t have very much publicity & and I supported it , so (if you want) you can write an article about it.

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