Interview with Mr. Rich by Anshuman Parulekar

GQ Men of the Year: #1 Missssteeerrrrrr Rich

Reporter: Thank you for joining me today Mr. Rich.

Mister Rich : Well it is a pleasure to be with you Anshuman.

Reporter: Let’s Start at the beginning what were the big trends when you were growing up?

Mister Rich: When I was growing up professional wrestling was very popular, hair bands were all the rage and the Rocky movies were big hits, not only that but Star Wars the original trilogy was huge.

Reporter: What about biggest songs, who are some really big bands when you were growing up?

Mister Rich: Guns N’ Roses was a very big band at the time and their song Sweet Child O’ Mine was a big hit. Also, Bon Jovi was a huge band and their biggest hit was Living on a Prayer.

Reporter: What about the older singers like the Beatles and Paul McCartney and Billy Joel and Elvis?

Mister Rich: I like all three of those artists that you mentioned. The Beatles are one of the greatest bands of all time and Paul McCartney has had a wonderful solo career since they broke up. Billy Joel is another legend of rock and roll; my favorite song of his is Uptown Girl and Elvis, well he’s the king; my favorite song of Elvis’s is When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold.

Reporter: Okay, what about sports, what sports were you really into growing up?

Mister Rich: My favorite sports growing up were baseball and basketball. At the time the Celtics and the Lakers had a strong rivalry going for the NBA Championship very similar to the one going on now between the Warriors and the Cavaliers. I also want to mention that the Boston teams back then, besides the Celtics, were not very good, not like they are now.

Reporter: What about singular athletes, what athletes did you really look up to?

Mister Rich: I liked Dwight Evans from the Boston Red Sox, Larry Bird from the Celtics and Magic Johnson from the Lakers. And even though he was a fictional athlete, I liked Rocky.

Reporter: Okay okay, I’ve heard that you signed up for The Voice auditions, what do you think about your future in singing?

Mr. Rich: One of my dreams is to perform at the Xfinity Center which used to be called Great Woods in Mansfield, Massachusetts and someday I would like to open for Jimmy Buffett; that would be a dream come true.

Reporter: This year you burst onto scene as one of the best teachers at the Middle School. Do you believe that first impressions are really important?

Mister Rich: Yes I do and I appreciate you saying that Anshuman but I also feel that the teachers and staff here at Wayland Middle School are some of the best professionals I have ever worked with and they have been so supportive and welcoming to me so I cannot thank them enough.

Reporter: Thank you that’s all the questions I have, do you want to say anything to  all your fans out there?

Mister Rich: Thank you for having me here. It has been a distinct pleasure talking with you once again and I just hope that everybody finishes the year strong and has the greatest summer ever.

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