Joseph Baldwin and the World of Magic Chapter 2 by Jonathan Zhang

I lifted my head up and felt my eyes well up for the first time since my parents left me. But this wasn’t because I was sad. It was the thought of how far I’d come since my parents had abandoned me in this dense forest. They’d left me in this forest isolated from all mankind. I hadn’t seen another fellow human since four years ago. My only friends now were the stars. They among everything had never abandoned, disowned, attacked, or tried to eat me. They stayed by my side the entire time comforting me and sharing my sorrows.

I stood up shakily and smoothed down my blue denim jeans. My clothes, it seemed, had been one last parting gift. I had clothes of every size and every style. As if this would make up for their abandoning me. I descended down the metal ladder that connected my roof with my attic. The house, was a two story building made entirely of dark brown wood. The house didn’t run on electricity and I had to use a large number of candles to keep the room alight. My house always seemed far too large for me so I ended up staying in one room most of the time. The library.

My library is probably one of a kind. The room is shaped like a giant circle with thousands upon thousands of books on long curving bookcases that surround the perimeter of the room. Through the hatch I can gaze up at the stars and all around me are thousands of comforting books that I can’t wait to read. Each book is another adventure to distract my mind away from my painful sorrows. Each book an anecdote for my long harbored pain. Each book alleviating the crushing reality of what had happened to me. Each book the friend that I could’ve had. I sighed gently to myself. I gathered some of my favorite books promising the others I would come back for them and walked into the next room.

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