Kawi Restaurant Review by Nathan Oh

Note: This is just an opinion and review, this is a popular restaurant you are entitled to your own opinion. – The Editor

Stars: 3/10


I recently went to Kawi for a family event, I can not say how bad the food is, I’m still shocked by how people like this food. I will start with their “Wagyu Ragu” . It is really salty, no I don’t mean it’s agitated, it tastes like salt was dumped into it. Their raw fish was great, but then again it’s pretty hard to mess up raw fish, it was served in what seems to be lemon juice giving it a very nice kick. From here it all goes downhill. Their 28 day aged beef tastes as if it went bad 28 months ago. Their shaved ice had an interesting flavor to it. It tasted as if it had lemon and coconut in it. The atmosphere was very nice, both inside and out of the private dining room. The private dining hall had an “endless tunnel built into the wall and a karaoke machine. The waiter seemed very friendly and even sang along with the music at one point, which made the dinner a bit more pleasant and even a little enjoyable. I do NOT recommend this restaurant if you even consider it, (Kawi does not represent Korean food in any way.)

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