Killing a Puppet: A Short Story by Jackson Moleux

Jackson Moleux

                                                         Killing a Puppet


10 bullets shot- Times Square New York. BAM! BOOM! CHCKCKCKCKCKCCKCKKCKCKKBOOM!! Everyone ducked and ran except for one man. For Elmo could run no more.

                               ************ 30 minutes later: detectives arrive at the scene.

“10 bullets through the body Doc McStuffins, you think you can heal him?” said Peppa Pig, lead detective.

“I think he needs some warm soup and hugs, and when it really gets bad we could sing a song!!!! YAY!”

said doc.

“Doc this is no time for playing, lets go search the rooftops!”

       ****** 20 minutes later

When Peppa Pig and Doc McStuffins arrived at the seen there was tons of cops running around and a huge  set up of assault rifles uzi’s and sniper rifles.

“Whoa Peppa I don’t feel to safe. I’ma sit at the wall over there and sing myself a song to clear my head.”

“Alright Doc.”

“Everyone listen up! I need the DNA fingerprints anything you can find on this guy!” screamed Peppa.

And all the cops came running over with items from the seen.

“Here I have some cookie crumbs found at the seen but these cookies are “special cookies” if you know what I mean. The lead suspects are Cookie Monster and Barney. We believe Cookie Monster is a suspect because his trademark is cookies.. But we believe it’s Barney because the “special stuff” we think it came from his tail, like last time. But the biggest clue was there was going to be a big cookie and money deal going on tonight between the two of them, of which Dora was going to orchestrate. All of this is explained in the letter to the police from Elmo.”

“Thank you officer, what else?”

“If you look over there you’ll see the wall has been tagged recently right?”

Peppa turned her head to see a big mural which had a postman Elmo dead with 10 bullets and a letter in his hand. It was midnight at the time, you could tell by the clock for a moon shining bright over New York.

“We believe that it is code for an address and a time. So we have coder Thomas the Tank Engine tying to crack the code.”

Peppa rubbed her chin in deep thought when Doc Mc.Stuffins ran up and asked

“So what’s happening at 12:00 73 sesame street? It looks pretty Important, after all” and then she pointed at the letter and the time of the moon.


20 shots from the roof garden.

And then Doc McStuffins was suddenly swimming in blood.

“Tell Dolly that she didn’t have just a cold, she has terminal lung cancer, I was just being a good friend.”

Then doc froze. Her eyes rolled back. Then she started shaking violently and blinking excessively, drool and blood leaking from her mouth. Then she shrieked and screamed. Then it all came to silence once more

“Check the roof deck and everywhere around it for evidence! NOW!!” yelled Peppa.

They looked and they looked but all they could find was a new Dora gang tag on the ground.

“Would someone PLEASE bring Dora in for investigation?”

                                                                ********* 1 day later, the interrogation room

“Do you know anything about the murder of Sir Elmo Richardson or the murder of Doc McStuffins?” calmly questioned  Peppa.

“Nope” she leaned back in her chair and put her hands back behind her head.

Peppa leaped forward pushed all her papers onto the ground and threw her chair at the wall.


“But, we are nice people so we are going to give you two options. You can either turn yourself and everyone else in and we will cut time of your jail time. Or you don’t tell us who’s involved and you will find yourself with 5 extra years. So what’s it going to be?”

“I know who wrote the letter, and who killed Elmo.”

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