Ten Cool Facts About Snakes

By Julia Reck

1. Pythons can grow up to 30 feet in length, and weigh around 200 pounds!

2. There are almost 2,600 snake breeds in the world, and only 400 are poisonous.

3. Ireland has no snakes there at all in the wild.

4. Snakes are temporarily blinded when they are ready to shed their skin.

5. Snakes have no eyelids, so they can’t blink. Instead, their eyes are covered with a clear scale, called a spectacle.

6. The throat and stomach of a snake will stretch to the size of whatever it is eating. That is why some pythons get really plump, when they have swallowed an entire antelope!

7. Poisonous Snakes’ poison is sometime “milked” from them, by squeezing their venom sacs, so their poison comes out of their fangs. The poison is used to make anti-venom, which saves people who have been bitten by snakes.

8. Snakes can feel vibrations in the ground from other animals, and they can determine whether it is big or small, or dangerous to them.

9. The female Brahiminy Blind Snake, does not wait to find a mate before her babies develop, they develop on their own. If she can’t find a mate, all of her babies will be female.

10. Snakes’ with slit pupils hunt during the night, and snakes with round pupils hunt during the day.

What’s Hot and What’s Not!

Top 10 of the Month

And bottom 10…
November 2010

We have a LOT of things to look forward to this month. New TV shows, movies, and books that we’ve all been waiting for. And then there are the things to forget about. Some of these things include.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid #5: The Ugly Truth: In stores now
Why: A must have, as this is one of the last DWKs. Pretty much the only good book arriving this month too.

Not really any bad books this month. Just all average.

Definitely buy tickets to…

Unstoppable: 11/12/10
Why: It’s actually a true story. Ever wanted to know what would happen if an unmanned train with eight cars full of nuclear bombs slammed into our school?

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 1: 11/19/10
Why: Um, it’s HARRY POTTER. Why shouldn’t you watch it?

Burlesque: 11/24/10
Why: Christina Aguilera is the small town girl who decides to try out Hollywood. She makes it. As it’s Aguilera’s first return to acting in about 15 years, I would recommend seeing it.

You might not want to buy tickets for…

Skyline: 11/12/10
Why: The usual. A movie where aliens come in a big UFO and eat everyone in LA. Does anyone else notice how often this storyline comes up?

Hereafter: In theaters now
Why: SNOOZEFEST. The movie poster advertised it as a lame “save the helpless girl” thing and it wasn’t…it was even lamer. It was just about these people who are touched by death. A must miss.

The Next Three Days: 11/19/10
Why: It’s about a dude named John who’s wife, Lara, got a life sentence in jail for a murder she didn’t commit. It’s three years into her sentence and he found out that Lara was going to commit suicide. He’s doing is risking everything for the woman he loves. Love/Adventure category. Normally I love these type of movies, but this one doesn’t appeal to me at all.

TV shows

Tune in to…

Glee: Return of the Gleeks! Another upside to the third season is that Charice will be part of the cast as a foreign exchange student.

The Simpsons: Never has there been an episode of The Simpsons without a clever storyline and some gut-wrenching humor. And it’s pretty impressive that the animated comedy has managed to stay on top for 22 seasons.

Family Guy: The title says everything. A huge hit for everyone that can actually understand the humor. One of my very favorites. The humor is a bit inappropriate…but still. Who can resist Stewie’s charm?

Saturday Night Live: Always a good thing to watch. I swear, this show is addictive. Too bad it only airs on Saturdays…

Make sure you don’t TiVo…

Sonny With a Chance: Not again! Having to sit through the entire first season with my Sonny-obsessed little brother and sister was bad…but a second season? Really? This show is the one of the many mistakes to come for new Disney shows in the next year. There is no other word forcthis show but doomed.

iCarly: Four seasons and counting. Four more seasons than Nickelodeon needed to show it on the small screen. I’ve had enough of this. Miranda Cosgrove is 19 at this point, and she can’t play a 14-year-old forever.

The Walking Dead: Some director just made a huge waste of money. Pretty much people trying to buy a house after a zombie apocalypse. Need I say more?

Shake It Up: Joins Sonny with a Chance in the doomed category. I only have so much space as to make a single article for four bad shows, but also from Disney that will fall with Shake It Up and Sonny include Fish Hooks, Captain America, Pair of Kings, and CarsToons. I really think Fish Hooks doesn’t belong in that category. I actually like it. Unfortunately, you can tell it probably will fall to rock bottom, dragging Shake It Up and others with it.


Crank up the radio when you hear…

iYiYi- By Cody Simpson feat. Flo Rida
A perfect song to get you going. Pretty much what I wake up to in the morning. Very pop. Love it. Five stars.

By Katie Dreitler

Should We Wait till Helen Comes?

A review of  Wait till Helen Comes
by Mary Downing Hahn

Why should you read this book? If you like scary stories and mysteries, than that’s why. Wait till Helen Comes is a story about a 7-year old girl, named Heather, whose mother died. Heather’s father got married to Michael and Molly’s mother. (Michael is 10 years old, and Molly is 12 years old). Like most kids, Michael and Molly aren’t exited when Heather comes into the family. They think she’s a creepy brat. They also notice that Heather seems determined to blame small problems on them.
Soon, what makes living with Heather seem worse, is that they all move to a church together, deep in the woods, near a graveyard. Molly and Michael have never lived with Heather before at all. They were just used to visiting her.
Later, when they get settled in, they realize that these problems are getting worse. Molly and Michael’s possessions get destroyed. Only Molly and Michael’s possessions, not Heather’s.
A couple days later, Heather has been talking about this new invisible friend, “Helen”. Heather said that she lives in the graveyard, and has a lot in common with her, such as they have the same initials. Also, both of them have experience with family members dying.
When everybody was used to this girl, “Helen”, there was something big that happened. Michael and Molly’s stuff are torn apart, piece by piece, and there is a message their bedroom wall. This message was written by Helen. They tried bringing their parents over as fast as they could, but when their parents finally arrived at their room, the message was gone.
Join the adventure with Molly and Michael, as they figure out the big secret about Helen.

Comments from others:
“I think Wait till Helen Comes is a great book. Once you start reading it, you simply can’t stop.”-Lauren McNamara
“I LOVED THE BOOK!” -Alexa Santos
“It was really good”-Madeline Moran

By Lauren McNamara

It’s Secretariat!!

When considering your next family movie night, look for the movie with the subtitle, The Impossible True Story. Then you have found my pick for movie of the month. I absolutely fell in love with the story of the big red horse called Secretariat and seeing his story played out on the big screen was thrilling. This movie incorporates a little bit of everything from Penny Chenery’s  love of Secretariat, to the sadness that starts off the movie, to the hilarious actions of horse, owner, and trainer.

This story is one everyone knows but the movie works even though it’s done in the over-dramatized Disney fashion. So, even if you are reading this and thinking “I already know the story and now I should see it as a Disney movie?” The answer is yes. It gives you a slightly new prospective into a somewhat fictional view of the owner’s story as well as the horse’s. A definite family must-see, Secretariat is at a theatre near you and coming to soon to DVD or On Demand.

By Sarah Maietta

Day – O! Day – O!

Are all letter days equal in the eyes of WMS students? Or are some more equal than others?

Here is a poll which shoiws what students think.

  • A day: 3
  • B day: 7
  • C day: 6
  • D day: 8
  • E day: 7

“D’ day wins!

“A” day loses Boooooo

A day: Well on A days I have red block first and I always like to start my day in social studies with Mr. Lenz, says a 6th grade student in the David cluster.

B day: Well I’m in 7th grade and I get to skip math that day so I like it, says a 7th grade student.

C day: I like C days because I have study hall last block and I get to pick the homework I want to do because I have already had all of my classes, says a 6th grade student in the David cluster

D day: D days are good because I have all of my harder classes in the morning and the easier ones at the end of the day, says a 7th grade student.

E days: They are the best I mean it goes in rainbow order!! Not to mention I have all of my chore classes and then a study hall before social studies, says  6th grade student Alexis George in the David cluster.

By Alexis George

Mime Time? No Thanks!

The Mime Rhyme

Some people just really hate clowns.

Some hate spiders, and some hate loud sounds.

Some people are annoyed when others waste time

But what irritates me is simply a mime.

Their powdery faces

Are really disgraces

They copy and mimic

And it’s really a gimmick.

They wear black and white stripes ’cuz they just came from jail.

Their improvised acts are really a fail.

I really can’t say that I hate them enough.

I want to be one when I grow up.

By Abby McCarthy

Sandals or Scandals? Or Sandal Scandals?

From stone age leather sandals to the bright, plastic flip-flops of modern day, sandals seem to be the one item of clothing never going out of style. As the owner of seven pairs of sandals, I can tell you that they are by far the best investment you could make. From casual to formal, in any size, shape or color, sandals can do it all. I commonly hear remarks such as “Aren’t your feet freezing!?!” and although I admit my use of sandals on 10-degree January days may be slightly extreme, nothing can deter my love of those fine pieces of footwear. Though I know many fine Wayland Middle School students would agree with me, apparently not everyone shares the same views on open-toed shoes. According to the Boston Globe, in 2005, women’s lacrosse players from Northwestern University were castigated* for wearing flip-flops to a white house ceremony to honor their national championship. Do you think the lacrosse players deserved to be punished? I don’t. I think they deserve a parade for their fabulous good taste!

*For those of you who are thinking “Castigated? What?” here’s a little explanation from Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate dictionary. Castigate: To punish, reprove, or criticize severely.

By Abby McCarthy

How Can Abercrombie Be Worth It?

Is it all worth it?

Dim lights and dark sights… does it sound like a horror film? Well no, it’s not dracula. It’s a store. Abercrombie is notorious for it’s heavily perfumed, dimly lit outlets, and the unusual clothes sold there.

Even more notorious than the clothes are their outrageous prices. A single jacket at Abercrombie may cost you your week’s salary. The wrinkled brown jacket shown below this article is called the “Haven” and it costs $350! Will you see me wearing that jacket? I don’t think so. And that’s not the only expensive item… the “Mia”, the “Lucinda”,and the “Julia” are also brown jackets priced at $350. The white handbag shown below just happens to be over $300, along with the “Paker, Kori, Hannah, Banson, Lila, Lexi, Lacey, and Madeline” which are handbags priced at over $300 as well. Don’t even get me started about that $120 “Mallory” skirt… and what’s up with the $60 clearance items?

Looking at the astonishing price tags, you would think that Abercrombie would have no customers at all, but walking down the halls of Wayland Middle School, I can’t help but notice that Abercrombie seems to be what almost everyone is wearing. Why? To find the answer, I asked the students themselves. “The clothes on sale are perfectly priced, and really wonderfull. “Everyone should buy them!” Says 6th grader LT. On the opposing side was AG, saying: “It’s just an insult to Hollister, really. They have basically the same clothes, with very different prices.” SM agreed, saying: “Everything in the store is all the same color, and it doesn’t change.”

To really find out everyone’s true opinion, there was only one thing to do: a poll. In my poll I asked 20 WMS students “Do you think Abercrombie clothes are really worth the price?” The results of my survey were very surprising. A total of 16 student said ‘no’,and only 4 students said ‘yes’. Furthur proving the results of my poll were the comments I received. Such as:

“It’s an insult to nature. It’s not bright and happy.” -Anonymous             “They have some strange bags there. I like it, but honestly don’t love it.” –PC

“I like aeropostale better.” -EL                                                                                            “Some of the stuff is see-through.” –AK                                                                                                             “It’s not worth it if we can’t decorate it.” –Annie Ge

So has reading this convinced you of anything? Or has it left you more confused then before? Well, looking at the results of my survey, I think that you can make the decision for yourself.

By Abby McCarthy

Why People Should Stop Hunting Wolves

Why People Should Stop Hunting Wolves

People should stop hunting wolves for many reasons. One of them, is that some people hunt wolves just for fun and money! No amount of money can pay for a death! Some people might think that it is a good way to get money, if you kill a wolf, cut of its left ear, and get $50, but why do that for money, when you can do something more useful, like a lawyer, or an architect! Other people say they don’t want to shoot wolves, but they can’t find another job! Then why did they make wolf hunting a job anyhow, if they don’t want to do it? Wolves are an endangered species, so that’s why hunters think they will get more money, if they hunt wolves illegally.

Wolves are some of the most incredible creatures on earth! They can run more than 100 miles in a day nonstop, they can survive without water for 2 weeks and without food for 2 months, and they can run at 45 miles per hour when chasing down an elk! That’s twice as much as a human can do! Wolves are extremely powerful, with their teeth, claws, strength, camouflaged fur, and speed, but they are totally defenseless against bullets fired from a gun! Sometimes, wolves eat a cow from a farmer’s herd, and the farmer’s say wolves are bad and evil and horrible when they do that, and should be killed! But wolves only do that, if there is no other game to hunt!

Wolves also help balance the food chain, because the wolves only hunt the sick and old animals! If the wolves died out, the hoofed animals, like deer, elk, moose, and caribou, then either the sick animals would spread diseases to other animals, or the hoofed animals would eat all of the grass, and along with dieing out themselves, the other small animals that ate grass would die out too, and the hawks would die out also, because the hawks have no rabbits to eat, and the rabbits would have no grass to eat, because the bigger herbivores ate all of the grass, and they ate all of the grass, because there were no wolves to keep the hoofed animals from becoming too many! This is why I think people should stop hunting wolves!!!!!

By Julia Recj

A Nourish…ing Place

Nourish Restaurant Review

Do you want to eat at a place that serves great food that is healthy too? Well “Nourish” is the place for you. It is located on 1727 Massachusetts Avenue in Lexington, MA. Also, you can come there and listen to live music on every Thursday, Friday and Saturday Night. Cool right? 🙂

My mom and I shared an appetizer called Phyllo Rolls. It was really good. Those rolls are made out of cauliflower, kale, mushrooms and garlic, and are served with cranberry chutney and cucumber salad. My favorite part was actually the cucumber salad which you can also order as a separate side dish. For my main dish I had a the delicious Taboule Chicken Plate, which is natural chicken sautéed with taboule*, served with hummus**, pita*** and a side house salad with Tahini dressing. All for $14.00. Good deal right? The chicken was very tender and juicy and the sides were crisp and yummy. There are many other appetizers you can choose from, for example: Rice Paper Rolls, Quesadilla, Falafel Sampler, Hummus Dipping Platter, and assorted soups. There are also a lot of salads like: Caesar Salad, Sweet Beet & Feta Salad, House Salad and more. The entrees are always a treat. They include: Baked Dill Salmon, Seared Alaskan True Cod, Taboule Chicken Plate, River Rock Farm Meatloaf, Mediterranean Chicken Plate, Steak Tips and much more. If you’re a BBQ kind of person, they also have Memphis Ribs (pork ribs), and BBQ Chicken.

You can even come here to quickly eat and leave, like Subway, or D’angelos, because they have many different kinds of wraps, sandwiches, burgers and pizzas. Some include: Mediterranean Chicken Wrap, Wild Alaskan Salmon Wrap, BBQ Chicken Sandwich, River Rock Farm Beef Burger, Black Bean Burger, Garlic Veggie Pizza, BBQ Chicken Pizza.

I hope you enjoyed my restaurant review about Nourish.

~Lina Baranovsky

*Taboule is a middle eastern salad made of wheat, chopped parsley and mint, tomatoes, and scallions. It is seasoned with lemon juice and olive oil.

**Hummus is a middle eastern spread.

***Pita is a middle eastern pocket bread.

Wayland Middle School