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Top Five Reasons Why You Should Get CPR Certified By Anna Walsh, Jennie Rosen, and Jenna Brandaleone

You can save a lives in multiple ways: Getting CPR certified allows you to help in many life threatening situations such as cardiac arrest, heart attack, choking etc. All of these things listed are very common and it is almost impossible to do anything about these situations without someone there who has knowledge in CPR. 300,000 people suffer cardiac arrest a year!
Helpful for babysitting: Being CPR certified can get you multiple babysitting offers. The parents of the kid can trust you more if you are CPR certified. So you can become a better babysitter
Get a raise: You can get a raise by having more experience with helping a child. You can tell the people you work for and they will trust you with there kid more so then you can get a raise.
Impress people during a job interview: It is really special when going into an interview when you stand out from all the rest of the potential employees because you are unique. Even more you can help others by saving their lives! Their lives are literally in your hands!
You can feel more safe around people: It is good to know that you can help someone in case of an emergency. So don’t go avoiding peers because you’re scared about not knowing what to do in an emergency. Go and get certified so that you can feel confident about yourself and what you can do for others!

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