Sandals or Scandals? Or Sandal Scandals?

From stone age leather sandals to the bright, plastic flip-flops of modern day, sandals seem to be the one item of clothing never going out of style. As the owner of seven pairs of sandals, I can tell you that they are by far the best investment you could make. From casual to formal, in any size, shape or color, sandals can do it all. I commonly hear remarks such as “Aren’t your feet freezing!?!” and although I admit my use of sandals on 10-degree January days may be slightly extreme, nothing can deter my love of those fine pieces of footwear. Though I know many fine Wayland Middle School students would agree with me, apparently not everyone shares the same views on open-toed shoes. According to the Boston Globe, in 2005, women’s lacrosse players from Northwestern University were castigated* for wearing flip-flops to a white house ceremony to honor their national championship. Do you think the lacrosse players deserved to be punished? I don’t. I think they deserve a parade for their fabulous good taste!

*For those of you who are thinking “Castigated? What?” here’s a little explanation from Webster’s Seventh New Collegiate dictionary. Castigate: To punish, reprove, or criticize severely.

By Abby McCarthy

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