Selected Haikus

Haikus are super coolish

School is super doomish

The car goes vroomish

-Anna Varney


How much can I fit

into a haiku

format oh no I’m out of

-Ella Moscoffian and Katelyn Chirayanth


Why do we do math

Math teachers feel my wrath

I really hate math

-Felix Kissell


North Carolina

South Carolina are states

that are United

-Cole Duffy


My name is Lula

I like cupcakes and pizza

Cupcakes are really great

-Lula Dunkelberg


I just sold my house

For three gallons of ice cream

Wish I had my house

-Maxim Rjanikov


The Pariplavi

The most amazing person

Angel of the world

-Pari Sontha & Emmie Williams


I broke my femur

Hospital gives whole wheat food

get me out of here.

-Cole Snyder

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