Shin Ramen Review by Nathan Oh

Everyone likes instant ramen, some people like Sapporo Ichiban, others like cup noodles. I love Shin ramen because of its spicy mix of salty and spicy flavors, although I also have it with rice, and put a bit of broth on to it while it cools. The noodles are always elastic, filling, and chewy, there are small pieces of “beef, carrots, mushrooms, and scallions.” I doubt that the beef is real because that would be quite expensive, and also it wouldn’t keep very well for long periods of time. The rest are likely dehydrated and come out tasting great! Some people even add items to the soup such as egg, and kimchi. (Korean pickled radish, chives, and cabbage, with a spicy sauce that has pepper, fish and other ingredients.) Although It can be a bit salty eat it in moderation and you’ll be fine. I would highly recommend you can find it at H-Mart (Korean grocery), Amazon, and even Stop and Shop has it sometimes, I hope you enjoy!

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