Supreme Court Drama by Graham Henrich

About three months ago, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy announced his resignation from the highest level of court in the United States of America, the Supreme Court. Although a conservative, Kennedy supported many liberal ideas that conservative politicians strongly disagree with. Kennedy’s retirement provides President Donald J. Trump a chance to fill in a swing vote with a right wing justice, so that his party can win the Supreme Court 5-4, putting the Republicans in charge of the whole government (the Presidency, the House, the Senate, and the Supreme Court).

President Trump’s pick to replace Kennedy is conservative judge Brett Kavanaugh, who has served on the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Kavanaugh supports right wing issues and is against gun control, the Affordable Care Act, and Roe v. Wade. He also helped write the Starr Report, an attempt to impeach former President Bill Clinton. Originally, the vote was scheduled for September 13, but the Democrats in the Senate delayed the vote, giving them more time to get the extra votes they need. Kavanaugh’s election might be delayed further due to accusations of sexual assault. In a recent CNN poll of the American people’s views, 38% said yes to Kavanaugh’s appointment and 39% said no.

With such an even split, it seems controversy was inevitable. A Washington Post opinion editor vouched for Kavanaugh’s character as a ‘carpool dad’, while Senator Mazie Hirno said Kavanaugh is designed to be President Trump’s shield against possible charges related to collusion or corruption. Right wingers say Democrats are using a ‘scare tactic’ to get more votes against Kavanaugh’s appointment.

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