The Threat: A dystopian scene by Ayaan Rashid

 I walked down the pitch black road. The only light was that of the moon that made it into the narrow street. I looked up at the tall buildings to my left and right. There red light of the security cameras followed me as I walked briskly. The camera eyed me suspiciously. Just keep walking and keep your head down, I thought.

    I made a left at the next junction. This was one of the few roads that had street lights. Every so often, there would be a military checkpoint. These checkpoints stretched across the road, so there was no sneaking around them. There was barbed wire lining the fence behind the piles of sandbags sheltering hidden soldiers. There were machine gun nests and squads of riflemen. No one else was waiting to be checked, so I made it through quickly.

    I continued down the street. In the distance, I could see a huge barrier. This must be the cordoned off part of town, where they take all of the “threats”, I thought. I couldn’t imagine the things the government does the “threats” inside that dark, lifeless brick building.

    I sat down on a bench on the sidewalk. I pulled a book out of my coat pocket and began to read when three soldiers appeared. I looked up and the officer in the middle asked me for identification. I gave him my papers. “You’re Shane Morgan?” he asked.

    “Ye- yes, sir, I’m Shane Morgan.” I replied, stuttering.

    “Well, Mr. Morgan, you’re under arrest.” The officer said calmly. As soon as he said it, the troops to his sides pulled their rifles to their shoulders and aimed them at me.

    I threw my hands in the air. “Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!” I cried as I curled up into a protective ball. The middle officer handcuffed me as an armoured car pulled up.

    “Get in,” he said.

    The officers shoved me in the car and slammed the door shut. Then the car shot off, back towards where I came. It stopped and turned into a checkpoint. But this checkpoint was under a wall. I was going into the building of “threats”.  I was a “threat”.


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