Will There Be A Reunion of The Office? by Amelia Lang

Will there be a Season 10 of The Office? The answer is probably so! The Chairman of NBC Entertainment, Robert Greenblatt, has revealed that there will be a new season coming of the hit comedy. He has been in contact with the show’s creator, Greg Daniels, and they’ve been talking about the new season.

Greg Daniels released the shows last episode on the 16th of May in 2013. The show had a successful nine seasons before ending the series. The Office consisted of many characters, such as Steve Carell playing the company’s regional manager, Michael Scott; John Krasinski playing the office prankster, Jim Halpert; Rainn Wilson playing Dwight Schrute, the overzealous Assistant to the Regional Manager, and Jenna Fischer playing Pam Beesly, the sweet but shy receptionist, and Brian Baumgartner playing Kevin Malone the office’s bumbling accountant. The show also consists of many other great actors and actresses.

        Now if you have or are watching The Office you probably know and love all of the characters. Unfortunately not all are coming back. Steve Carell (Michael Scott) is not interested in doing any reunion saying “I kind of don’t want to do it because I love the show so much. I think people would be disappointed, I really do.” Although that is a bummer Krasinski is interested in doing a tenth season. He said that he is concerned about his character. He said “I need the incredible writers of our show to tell me what Jims doing because I’m kinda worried about him. He had a whole lot of hopes and dreams, he had a lot of zany ideas, and I feel like the dreams are still in his head so I say let’s see what he’s doing now.” So I think we can count on that as a yes from him.

But if he is in then what about his sweetheart on the show Pam Beesly? We think that Fischer is probably up for it! Fischer said, “I think the idea of an Office revival is a great idea. I would be honored to come back in any way I am able to. I loved playing my  character and as long as Greg Daniels is the person in charge and is the visionary behind it, then I would be absolutely up for it.” So two people say yes and one says no – what about Rainn Wilson? Sadly, it sounds like a no from him too. He has said recently, “It’s all a speculation. It’s a pointless speculation, let me put it this way. It’s not even being discussed.” So we don’t really know what that was all about because we do have sources that say it has been at least brought up a few times  so was he not informed about it or maybe he has something greatly against the idea? So that’s all we have from the actors and actresses so far. Two people said no (Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson) and two people said yes (John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer).

So do you think a 10th season is a good idea? I know some people have said that the last episode was a great wrap up and others say they need more, should we only get a Christmas special or a whole season? I know some people say season 9 ended so well that the new season would ruin it, do you agree?

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