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6th Grade Survey

By Isaac Hanna

6th graders are the newest faces in the hallways. We surveyed them this past month and 135 6th grade students responded. Each questions relate to their first two months of middle school. 

The first question asked on this survey was the main difference between middle school and elementary school. 70% of people said more homework, 65% of people said more people to hang out with while 75% of people said that you get to move around between classes. Those four minutes are a big win for 75% of these 6th graders. 

The second question asked how their classes are different from elementary school. One person pointed out that if you miss a day in elementary school it’s not that big of a deal, but if you miss a day in middle school, you will have a lot to catch up on. Many people also said that the classes are longer compared to their elementary school. 

The third question asked if you like having a mix of people in each class rather than having the same group of people every class, every day. Most of the people for this question responded yes. Many people said that they like it because you get to meet new people given that it is their first year as a whole grade together. 

The fourth question asked if it is easier or harder to find your teachers for extra help at the middle school than at elementary school. 69% of people said that it is easier at middle school, while 31% of people said that it was easier at their old school. This shows a much higher percentage of people that can get extra help easier at middle school. That is great for the student given the more/harder work given. 

The last question asked about their favorite class. This question had the most difference of answers. The most popular answer was English, followed by wellness and social studies. The least favorite was math class with only 4% of people answering. The chart below shows the graph of the 6th graders favorite class. 

Forms response chart. Question title: What is your favorite class? . Number of responses: 133 responses.

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