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Celtics Playoffs Analysis by Gabi Antun

The Celtics have dealt with injuries since game one of the regular season but were still able to make the playoffs and win the first round. Jaylen Brown (hamstring) was injured in Game 7 of the first round and did not return, and is listed not to play for Game 1. Kyrie Irving (knee), Gordon Hayward (leg) and Daniel Theis (knee) will miss the postseason. Those are some of their best players that would have made winning way easier. I think the Celtics would have swept the first round if they had a full team, and even if this year is not their year, next year if the Celtics keep a healthy team they will be in the NBA Finals. The Celtics might be injured, but what they lack in talent they make up for in great coaching. The Celtics are one of the most organized teams in the NBA and it gives them an advantage that keeps them in almost every game they play in, even if the games are close. Which makes me still think the Celtics have a chance to be champions.

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