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Ecosia: The Search Engine that Plants Trees 

By Charlie Nicholson

Often, you (or at least me) will be sitting down trying to find out what we can do for the planet. There are many ways to save the planet (some easy and hard), and although the list is quite long, I would like to share one simple way, we, as a community, can contribute to the future of our planet. The way we can do this is using a newly created browser called Ecosia. 

    For every 45 searches you do on Ecosia, one tree is planted through the ad revenue that Ecosia makes. It’s free to install, and, collectively, as a community, we could make an impact on the environment. If the school converted to using Ecosia as the Chromebook browser, we’d plant 13 trees per day, and that’s only if every student makes a single search per day. I suspect students (and adults, too), will make more than one search per day, probably something between one and nine. Just think about it! If every student did nine searches a day, that would be 120 trees, not including teachers. If every student did nine searches a day for a school year, that would be a whopping number of 21,600 trees. That would be a huge impact! 

    Ecosia is 200% carbon-neutral, which means that its solar panels make more than twice the energy it needs. It doesn’t sell your information, and 100% percent of profits go to planting trees. So far, it has planted over 142,726,675 trees and counting! 

    So I’m begging you to change your home browser to Ecosia. There’s already 15 million people using it, let’s make a couple more!

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