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Google Doodle Interactive by Liang Lu

Google doodle interactive is google celebrate holidays and people’s birth-, well, these people are the people that interesting the world, like helped the world.


For example of the holidays, like for Christmas, they make pictures or movies. Another example, like Valentine’s day, they create games, pictures.

Also for people’s births-, like Grace Hopper, she was a computer scientist, she is good at math, computer and science. So they created a game for her this year, Dec. 9, called Grace Hopper’s 107th Birthday.

They also celebrate Anniversaries.  For example, Doctor Who, they made a game for Doctor who’s 50th Anniversary.

All of these games, pictures, movies are related to the people, anniversary or holiday.


And if you google search doodles, then you click Doodles, so you can find all the doodles that google created. Or you can click this:

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