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By Alexis George

You whisper in your friend’s ear, “Don’t you just hate her sweater.” But whether you realize it or not hate is a strong word and can really hurt someone.

The biggest thing with hate is saying you hate someone you barely even know. When I walk down the halls and hear someone saying “oh I hate Justin Bieber” or “I hate Katy Perry. ” I imagine going up to a stranger and saying I hate you because I don’t like your music or I hate you because I just do.

This is really what people will do hate on people they don’t know. You can’t just go by the facts you get reading magazines because half of it isn’t true. Now if you said I hate this person and you just met them that is just another reason to not hate them. A first impression isn’t everything.

I asked some classmates who I heard talking about Justin Bieber if they liked him or not. Some of their answers were, “Oh I hate Justin Bieber.” I asked them why they hated him, their response, “He looks like a girl, and he sings like one/ I don’t know.” My response was how can you hate someone you don’t know they still gave me the same answer with flushed cheeks. So in the end my point is don’t say you hate someone you don’t know well enough to hate.

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