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By: Ariana


I would play Hatikvah loud on my violin

So that the melody sinks in

Blast it out to everyone

I would be a beacon of light, like the sun

I play it especially for those who think

That we’re not native to Israel, or that we’re fake

That we don’t belong here or anywhere, and that we’re the cause of every bad affair

I would play the anthem loud and proud

Make them listen to every note of my song

Until they realize, they are wrong

And that we’re the funniest people you know

Great changemakers

That don’t deserve to lie low

That deserve to be acknowledged, to be heard, to be understood

That deserve to be leaders

And heroes of books

That don’t deserve to be singled out

We shouldn’t whisper or mumble, but speak loudly and shout

For we are people just like you

Who, in terms of religion, have a different point of view

So what do you say, play Hatikvah with me?

We are great changemakers, you’ll see

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