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Sharks: Why the big toothed beasts aren’t as bad as we think! By Sam Cahaly

Should You Be Scared?

No! Most people are afraid of sharks but what most people don’t know is that sharks are not man eaters.

Dangerous… NOT!

“Sharks are not dangerous to humans,” says Claypit Hill student Eric Cahaly. ”They don’t think of us as food.” The chance of being attacked is twice less likely than being killed by a falling vending machine. Sharks usually stay away from humans. Most people also think of sharks as mindless brutes that kill anything in sight, but they are in fact a very complex animal. They have sensors on their noses to detect prey and can smell blood from more than a mile away.

Rogue Sharks

    Sharks are not man eaters, except for one exception: rogue sharks. This means a shark on its own, that can develop a taste for humans. One of the most famous of these was a 16 ft Bull shark that, in 1916, made headlines and inspired the movie JAWS as it killed 4 people and injured another along New Jersey and Matawan Creek. But, these kind of attacks are extremely rare.

    Good For The Ocean!

Sharks are important for the environment and ecosystem. They control population of predatory fish. This helps other fish survive being hunted to extinction. For example, they keep the population of seals down, which over-hunt tuna. But, even though sharks are good, people hunt them by the thousands every year. They are used in a delicacy called Shark Fin Soup.

    Shark’s Domain

Most shark attack victims actually blame themselves for the attacks. This is because they say that they are in the shark’s home now, and they are intruders in their environment. At least Megalodon doesn’t exist anymore(Megalodon were 70 ft prehistoric sharks and were known as the perfect killing machine)! With all this in mind, you can change your outlook on sharks for the better.

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