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SpongeBob Musical 

by Shree and Laura

Who: The WHS Ensemble 

What: A magnificent play on SpongeBob and the citizens of bikini bottom.

Where: At Wayland High school auditorium

When: Nov, 16 – 18

In mid November many people went to watch a musical about Spongebob and his peers.  This magnificent play was put on by WHSTE (the Wayland High School Theatre Ensemble), with terrific actors, outrageous singers, and an amazing crew behind the scenes. It was pretty clear that these high schoolers worked very hard to put on an entertaining show for the audience, as they enjoyed those 3 hours of fun, suspense, and friendship. This musical also included a 30 minute intermission with yummy snacks and water for all to enjoy. Also during this break there was an option to give a gratitude message(with a Hershey Kiss) to an actor who stood out to you during this performance.There were entertaining musicians who played live music/sound effects for the plays/musicals and were conducted by Susan Memoli. Along with the musicians, lots of people were working  behind the scenes; shining spotlights, changing backdrops, making props, and listening to the sound system at all times. The musical was a big hit and there were 1500 people coming to the Wayland High School auditorium over the course of 3 nights.

At the final show on Saturday all of the tickets were sold out and there was a full audience. It was obvious that the actors enjoyed performing, but there were other people who were just as important. This musical was recorded by WayCAM and can be seen with a $20 viewing fee from a DVD or a private YouTube link, for more information contact The tickets for the show were $10 for students and senior citizens and $18 for adults.  Included are incredible moments from the SpongeBob musical.

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