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Wayland Middle School changing the start time of schools! by Sasha Libenzon

Wayland Public Schools changing the start time of schools! by Sasha Libenzon

The change

Wayland Public Schools are thinking of changing the start time to all schools since they feel that students are not getting enough sleep to work well. They are thinking of Pushing the middle and high school start times so they are later and the elementary schools will start earlier. Researchers say kids should be getting 9 to 12 hours of sleep on average.


Shouldn’t younger kids get more sleep?

Since children that are older in middle and high school have more homework they tend to pressure themselves doing homework and end up falling asleep very late. An article shows that when kids don’t get enough sleep they will not do as well in school or be very stressed. So back to the question, younger kids have much less work plus they usually go to sleep earlier so it won’t impact them as much. Also, in elementary school students get frequent breaks like recess or snack time.


The decision

Recently a big decision was made to push the start time. Elementary schools will start at 7:55, Wayland Middle School will start at 8:40, and Wayland High School will start at 8:35. The change will start in the 2019-2020 school year.

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