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WMS 7-8 Volleyball opening day  

By: Jonah Toochin-Treglia and Will Collett 

The WMS Volleyball season has begun. Tryouts were open to seventh and eighth graders, but there are only eighth graders on the team. The name of those eighth graders are Mason Andler, Lily Thirman, Olivia Green, Nina Gandhi, Audrey Nugent, Addie Choi, Willa Suratt, Anya Bayazitov, Jayden Moore, Alexa Mazokopos, Maggie Buffum, Patara Tezduyar, John Doyle, Mia Farley, Lara Goller, and Luke Kroncke. 

Their games normally start at 4pm and last one hour. 

They also play against the faculty on June 1st at 4pm.

DateOpponentHome or Away
Thursday 4/13Sudbury Home
Thursday 4/27ActonAway
Monday 5/1HanscomAway
Tuesday 5/2WatertownAway
Thursday 5/4LincolnHome
Tuesday 5/16ActonHome
Thursday 5/18WatertownHome
Monday 5/22SudburyAway
Tuesday 5/23LincolnAway
Thursday 5/25HanscomHome

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