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By Frankie Zilembo


Red is the blood from the Stonewall riots

Glass bottles and dreams of freedom fly in the air

 Those riots are the spark that started what we have today

The drag queens, queers and people with mismached genders are not in the wrong 

 It is the people with strong hate that take on that role

I hope those police regret the futures that they stole



Orange is the youth with hopes for the better

Finding love from others and ourselves


The acronym just keeps on growing 

And acceptance keeps spreading 

And the youth will keep trying 

It isn’t always perfect 

We keep losing fighters every day 

I wish being yourself doesn’t sometimes lead to dismay



Yellow is the smiles from same gender couples and

 people who don’t fit the gender binary living who their meant to be

The people with new found queer friends 

It is the community we share and love and grow together

No matter your walk of life 

In this community we will try and protect you from strife



Green is for the judgment we receive 

The glares from strangers given to same gender couples holding hands

Insensitive comments like

“They/them pronouns are grammatically in correct”

Im sorry but sense 2017 they have been officially put in the dictionary under singular pronouns

Hold your judgment filled gaze

Just look away and go your separate ways

Taste The RAINBOW 


Blue is for the candy not yet in the pack

Stuffed away in a closet 

Just waiting for the right time to come out

Maybe it wasn’t accepted by the others

But blue is also the tears of the denied  

Denied by society 

It’s hard to be a rainbow sheep in a black and white world 

But remember in or out

Well be ready for to welcome you

Just give a shout

Taste The RAINBOW 


Purple is the compassion

The last piece of the puzzle 

Kindness can go a long way

Who knows

Free your colors

It makes the world better

Trust me it shows.

Taste The RAINBOW 

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