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Keeping our Fields Clean

by Brady Winkler

In late September, the field had quite a bit of trash from students eating lunch outside. Mr. Steffey included a slide in the school announcements stating that food and disposable bottles were no longer allowed to be brought to the back of the building and field. Shortly after, there was a second announcement with the same message and finally a third one in November. I interviewed several students about their opinion on this new policy. 

Lunch in the field- Do you agree with the new school policy that students can no longer eat outside in the back area or field? 

Elena and Arianna, Grade 7

Elena: “Yes, I agree with this because it (the policy) will benefit the environment.”

Arianna: “If people wanted to eat outside, they could just eat in the courtyard.” 

Lunch in the courtyard– Should this policy be the same for the courtyard?

Shree, Grade 6

“Yes, because it (the trash) is harming the environment.”

Maggie, Grade 7 

“No, people need to drink out there. As long as they don’t leave their bottles out there, it’s fine.”

In summary, at WMS we are fortunate to have a large courtyard with seating if we want to eat outdoors and not in the cafeteria. Students can still spend time in the back fields once we are allowed to leave the cafeteria or courtyard. Let’s all work together to keep our grounds clean!

First announcement regarding trash on fields

Second announcement regarding trash on fields:

Third announcement regarding trash on fields:

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