How Can Abercrombie Be Worth It?

Is it all worth it?

Dim lights and dark sights… does it sound like a horror film? Well no, it’s not dracula. It’s a store. Abercrombie is notorious for it’s heavily perfumed, dimly lit outlets, and the unusual clothes sold there.

Even more notorious than the clothes are their outrageous prices. A single jacket at Abercrombie may cost you your week’s salary. The wrinkled brown jacket shown below this article is called the “Haven” and it costs $350! Will you see me wearing that jacket? I don’t think so. And that’s not the only expensive item… the “Mia”, the “Lucinda”,and the “Julia” are also brown jackets priced at $350. The white handbag shown below just happens to be over $300, along with the “Paker, Kori, Hannah, Banson, Lila, Lexi, Lacey, and Madeline” which are handbags priced at over $300 as well. Don’t even get me started about that $120 “Mallory” skirt… and what’s up with the $60 clearance items?

Looking at the astonishing price tags, you would think that Abercrombie would have no customers at all, but walking down the halls of Wayland Middle School, I can’t help but notice that Abercrombie seems to be what almost everyone is wearing. Why? To find the answer, I asked the students themselves. “The clothes on sale are perfectly priced, and really wonderfull. “Everyone should buy them!” Says 6th grader LT. On the opposing side was AG, saying: “It’s just an insult to Hollister, really. They have basically the same clothes, with very different prices.” SM agreed, saying: “Everything in the store is all the same color, and it doesn’t change.”

To really find out everyone’s true opinion, there was only one thing to do: a poll. In my poll I asked 20 WMS students “Do you think Abercrombie clothes are really worth the price?” The results of my survey were very surprising. A total of 16 student said ‘no’,and only 4 students said ‘yes’. Furthur proving the results of my poll were the comments I received. Such as:

“It’s an insult to nature. It’s not bright and happy.” -Anonymous             “They have some strange bags there. I like it, but honestly don’t love it.” –PC

“I like aeropostale better.” -EL                                                                                            “Some of the stuff is see-through.” –AK                                                                                                             “It’s not worth it if we can’t decorate it.” –Annie Ge

So has reading this convinced you of anything? Or has it left you more confused then before? Well, looking at the results of my survey, I think that you can make the decision for yourself.

By Abby McCarthy

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