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Fall Play: The Great Race

By Brooke McFarlene

Wayland Middle School always has a play in the fall and a musical in the spring. This year the fall play is, “The Great Race.” Which is about the 12 Chinese zodiac signs. 

Dr.Chang said that she and Ms.Lopez did all the research over the summer. They have been writing the script from scratch. Then the school performance is on Wednesday, November 2nd. The after school hours showings are on Thursday, November 3rd and Friday, November 4th.

There are over 60 students involved with the play. Ms.Lopez is working on tech and back stage crew. The volunteers who are middle school students are involved with costumes, sets, and lighting. A highschool student, Brennan Davies, is helping mentor and teach students how to do the lighting. He worked on lightning all through middle school and high school.  Other students at Art Club have also been helping paint some set pieces like the clouds. There have been a lot of rehearsals and I personally can’t wait to see the whole thing.

A little bit about the play: The play is based on 13 zodiac animals which are Snake, Rabbit, Ox, Goat, Monkey, Horse, Rat, Cat, Rooster, and Dog, Dragon, Pig, and Fish. There are 13 but there will be a twist in the story and one won’t make it.

 The costumes and the sets really make the whole play come alive. I think everyone should not just come to the in school play but come to the others as well. 

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