Should We Wait till Helen Comes?

A review of  Wait till Helen Comes
by Mary Downing Hahn

Why should you read this book? If you like scary stories and mysteries, than that’s why. Wait till Helen Comes is a story about a 7-year old girl, named Heather, whose mother died. Heather’s father got married to Michael and Molly’s mother. (Michael is 10 years old, and Molly is 12 years old). Like most kids, Michael and Molly aren’t exited when Heather comes into the family. They think she’s a creepy brat. They also notice that Heather seems determined to blame small problems on them.
Soon, what makes living with Heather seem worse, is that they all move to a church together, deep in the woods, near a graveyard. Molly and Michael have never lived with Heather before at all. They were just used to visiting her.
Later, when they get settled in, they realize that these problems are getting worse. Molly and Michael’s possessions get destroyed. Only Molly and Michael’s possessions, not Heather’s.
A couple days later, Heather has been talking about this new invisible friend, “Helen”. Heather said that she lives in the graveyard, and has a lot in common with her, such as they have the same initials. Also, both of them have experience with family members dying.
When everybody was used to this girl, “Helen”, there was something big that happened. Michael and Molly’s stuff are torn apart, piece by piece, and there is a message their bedroom wall. This message was written by Helen. They tried bringing their parents over as fast as they could, but when their parents finally arrived at their room, the message was gone.
Join the adventure with Molly and Michael, as they figure out the big secret about Helen.

Comments from others:
“I think Wait till Helen Comes is a great book. Once you start reading it, you simply can’t stop.”-Lauren McNamara
“I LOVED THE BOOK!” -Alexa Santos
“It was really good”-Madeline Moran

By Lauren McNamara

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