The Mystery of the Blue 42 by Giani Rodrigues

The Mystery of the Blue 42

By: Giani Rodrigues

Ever pass by Fenway, and wonder: Why is the number 42 blue? Well, you gotta know some basic baseball before I can tell you. Number One: Each number represents a player’s number. And number 42 was Jackie Robinson’s number. Number Two: The first african american to play in the MLB, was, you guessed it. Jackie Robinson.

You might be wondering why I’m telling you all this stuff about Jackie. But what you don’t know is the connection between 42 and Jackie Robinson. For starters it was his number, but why is it blue?

The reason for it being blue was because Jackie Robinson’s original team was the Brooklyn Dodgers. The Dodgers’ uniform color is blue, so is his number. Number 42 was retired in 1997, due to him being the first African American Baseball Player in the MLB.

Jackie Robinson among others are inspiring people to do big things. So go out there and do something big!

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