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It’s That Time, by Andrew Boyer


It’s That Time

We need a new leader. Obama’s term is over. So who will it be? Well it’s time we vote on it. It’s time for the Presidential Campaign.                                                   

 It’s that time of year again. The time we vote for a new leader. The time when the current president’s term ends. It’s time for ballots and debates. It’s time for Republicans and Democrats to choose sides. It’s time for the presidential campaign.

Why Vote?

The idea of voting started when America had the first president, George Washington. This is what made the U.S. unique. Most countries just had a monarchy. That is when there is a king or queen that makes all the government’s decisions. After the monarch died, the kingship was passed down to a son or a grandson. The people had no say in what their ruler did and who it was. After George Washington and patriots had defeated The British and won the Revolutionary war, the people offered  Washington to become their King, Washington had a better idea: The people vote on who they think is a good leader. About 10 years later was the idea of the Presidential Campaign.  

What Is It?

The Presidential Campaign just gets bigger each year. It started small. The two main candidates (the people running for president) present their thoughts on what should be done for the greater good of America and say what they will do if they are elected president. Each year, the campaign grows. Candidates attack each other, debates are aired on live TV, and social media is used more and more for the campaign.



This year, social media is being used more than ever. Republican candidate, Donald Trump posts videos on Instagram that attack other candidates. Ben Carson has multiple trending hashtags, and the video of Hillary Clinton  “whipping” on the Ellen Show has had about 100,000 retweets. There are also plenty of commercials that promote candidates and attack others. These commercials come on during regular TV, the news, and even NFL games.  

Republican V.S.Democrat

Each year about 25 or so candidates enter in the campaign. After a series of debates and votes, two candidates are selected. One represents the Republican party and one represents the Democratic party. These are the two main political parties. There is also a third party, the Independent party. Independents really get to choose which candidate they want. Republicans tend to believe that the best government for the people is one that is closest to the people, and therefore the government should not interfere unless it is needed. Republican presidents have a record of spending less. Democrats tend to favor more government and spending on social programs and believe that people are greater together than they are on their own. This year, there are a lot more Republican candidates the Democrats.


That’s the exact question people all over the country are asking. Who will be the future of America? Some people already know who they want as the next commander-in-chief. Others are still undecided. This is probably one of the most important decisions the people of America have to make. Whoever we choose will be America’s leader for at least the next 4 years. So you decide. Who will it be?


Choose wisely.

The Candidates

Let’s see some of this year’s candidates and what they might do as president from content on their campaign websites.

Donald Trump: Republican

Business man, Donald Trump from New York, is a man with a mission. He has a very strong opinion and he is not afraid to show it. If he becomes president, he will build a wall along the border of Mexico to stop illegal immigration. Also after many acts of terrorism, he will stop Muslims from coming into the country.

Hillary Clinton: Democrat

Former U.S. Secretary, Hillary Clinton from New York plans to “Build on the progress President Obama has made.” Though she has been involved in numerous scandals, some think she would make a strong president. She plans to invite all Muslims into the country.

Jeb Bush: Republican

Former Governor, Jeb Bush, from Florida says he will make America great again after what he believes was “7 years of failed leadership from President Obama.” He plans to make the military stronger and to destroy ISIS. He also plan to “build back up the economy that Obama destroyed.”

Bernie Sanders: Democrat

U.S. Senator, Bernie Sanders, from Vermont is focused on spending. On his website, he says that he will make “college tuition free, and debt free.” And he will cut student loans. He is focused on income and wealth inequality not focused on the threat of terrorism.

Dr. Ben Carson: Republican

Dr. Ben Carson from Florida, plans to “get back the respect from our allies that Obama lost.” He plans to rebuild the economy and re-arm the military with advanced weapons to take out ISIS and restore safety. He also has a plan for education that involves spending a lot less.

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