Two Teacher Interviews from Teachers with Two or More Years of Experience–by Grisha Barantsev

I interviewed Ms. O’Keefe, 8th grade English Teacher, and Ms. Barker, 6th grade Social Studies Teacher about…read on to find out more!

Why did you become a teacher?

Mrs. Barker: Because I love what I teach and I wanted to keep thinking it for the rest of my life.

Mrs. O’Keefe: I became a teacher because I always loved English and writing, and wanted to help students develop their love for those topics. Also because everyday is different, kids keep things interesting!

Do you like the subject you are teaching?

Mrs. Barker: Obviously SS!

Mrs. O’Keefe: Yes, I love English!
What is your favorite book?

Mrs. Barker: It’s HARD question … I have different favorite books for different times in my life.

Mrs. O’Keefe: My favorite book from this year is Some Kind of Happiness, Harry Potter, and Bruser.

Who is your favorite author?

Mrs. Barker: I don’t have a favorite author but, I have favorite themes.

Mrs. O’Keefe: I don’t think I have a favorite author, but, I love this one author is Lois Lowry
and I loved each of her books.
If you could teach any subject but the one you currently teach which one would you teach?

Mrs. Barker: I would like to teach world language because I can also teach about history and culture.

Mrs. O’Keefe: SS because I like thinking about what is going on it the world.

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