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History Bob, Edition 1- by Grisha Barantsev

History Bob: EDITION 1: Mesopotamia and Sumer
History Bob is a person who talks about history, it’s his favorite thing.
Today Bob found something interesting: the first epic or a very long poem, it’s about 1,000 pages long. He knows that the people in Mesopotamia wrote it, or being more specific Sumer. Sumer is an old area of about 8 city states or cities with individual leaders. The people of Sumer invented a lot of things, for example the first form of writing and something we are all thankful for the wheel. The people of Sumer also created an irrigation system which helped them farm when there is a drought. If there was a flood the people build levees which are big earth walls and dams. The Sumerians were cool people. They also came up with the 24 hours in a day and, 360 degrees in a circle. Which reminds Bob he has the Sumerians to blame for his geometry homework. (thanks BrainPOP for the idea :-})

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