Why People Should Stop Hunting Wolves

Why People Should Stop Hunting Wolves

People should stop hunting wolves for many reasons. One of them, is that some people hunt wolves just for fun and money! No amount of money can pay for a death! Some people might think that it is a good way to get money, if you kill a wolf, cut of its left ear, and get $50, but why do that for money, when you can do something more useful, like a lawyer, or an architect! Other people say they don’t want to shoot wolves, but they can’t find another job! Then why did they make wolf hunting a job anyhow, if they don’t want to do it? Wolves are an endangered species, so that’s why hunters think they will get more money, if they hunt wolves illegally.

Wolves are some of the most incredible creatures on earth! They can run more than 100 miles in a day nonstop, they can survive without water for 2 weeks and without food for 2 months, and they can run at 45 miles per hour when chasing down an elk! That’s twice as much as a human can do! Wolves are extremely powerful, with their teeth, claws, strength, camouflaged fur, and speed, but they are totally defenseless against bullets fired from a gun! Sometimes, wolves eat a cow from a farmer’s herd, and the farmer’s say wolves are bad and evil and horrible when they do that, and should be killed! But wolves only do that, if there is no other game to hunt!

Wolves also help balance the food chain, because the wolves only hunt the sick and old animals! If the wolves died out, the hoofed animals, like deer, elk, moose, and caribou, then either the sick animals would spread diseases to other animals, or the hoofed animals would eat all of the grass, and along with dieing out themselves, the other small animals that ate grass would die out too, and the hawks would die out also, because the hawks have no rabbits to eat, and the rabbits would have no grass to eat, because the bigger herbivores ate all of the grass, and they ate all of the grass, because there were no wolves to keep the hoofed animals from becoming too many! This is why I think people should stop hunting wolves!!!!!

By Julia Recj

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