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Fortnite Season 4 by William Midgley

On May 1st, Fortnite Season 4 was released for all to play. Fortnite is a free, newly-popular battle royale game, that is in possession of thousands of users. Season 4’s topic is Superheros. With the new update, the map has changed, and a new Battle Pass has been released. Therefore there is many new skins, emotes, banner icons, loading screens, etc. Many users are very excited for the new update.


For examples of the new map updates:

  • A crater has hit Dusty Depot, and has changed it to Dusty Divot
  • Movies set-ups have been placed all over the map, but a green screen and multiple cameras are located in Moisty Mire
  • A new location, Risky Reels, has been added to the map

Many new emotes have been added to Fortnite as well. For one example, there has been a new kind of emote, spray paint. On tier 3 of the Battle Pass, you can unlock the first spray, the X-Mark. There are also many other sprays including:

  • Rainbow
  • GG Smiley
  • Hearts
  • Chalk Outline

There are still other new emotes though. Even with the many sprays, there are still several new popular emotes. These include:

  • Orange Justice
  • Hype
  • Groove Jam

With the new Battle Pass, many new skins have been created as well. On season 3, you got the Mission Specialists outfit on tier 1 of the Battle Pass. Now, in season 4, you get two outfits on the first tier. You get the Carbide and the Battlehawk outfits. Other skins include:

  • Teknique
  • Zoey
  • Valor

Including emotes, map updates and skins, there are also new; Banner icons, skydiving trails and loading screens. There are many of those so I won’t get into that.

All, in all, with the new Season 4, many new updates have been added. It is incredibly popular, many users are obsessed with it. Fortnite is a whole new game.

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