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History’s Mystery: Ancient Secrets Uncovered By Kevin Zhao

Of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, only one structure, the oldest, remains standing. Although it was built long before any modern breakthroughs, it faces right toward the magnetic North Pole, and has many numerical coincidences. This famous architectural achievement, the “Great Pyramid”, holds centuries of information, begging to be learned.

Word To The Wise
Before anyone goes wandering off to their deaths, it should be made clear that the “Great Pyramid” is not a recommended tourist site. Even over 4 millennia ago, primitive traps had already been invented. The devices were simple, but effective. The entryways were sometimes plugged with heavy slabs, blocking everyone out. If burglars did ignore the obvious warning and chipped away at the obstacle, they would be in for a nasty surprise.

Primeval Traps
Ancient Egypt owned the finest alchemists of their time, who discovered fatal powders. These powders were often released when the outer coffin was opened. Occasionally, stones were balanced so that when doors opened, the movement would drive the boulder off, onto the victim’s head, or perhaps backwards to seal off the tunnel, in both directions. There were hidden pits, with strategically placed boards which would collapse at the lightest touch. There were even barbs, placed at neck height, which could impale victims in the darkness. There are even rumors of secret passageways, since many others were found camouflaged behind statues, and Pharaoh Khufu’s sarcophagus was never found.

Did You Know?
Many scientists have been intrigued by all the special numbers and ratios the “Great Pyramid” conceals. As years pass, nature has taken its toll, but it is believed that prior to erosion, the pyramid extended to nearly 150 meters into the sky. Records even confirm that the “Great Pyramid” was the tallest structure for 3800 years, until the Lincoln Cathedral was constructed. Often times, weathering is blamed for slight inaccuracy, but overall, there are many precise proportions and numerals. For example, the width divided by the height is approximately half of π, and and the length of a slope divided by half the width is nearly exactly equal to the Golden Ratio.

The “Great Pyramid” was probably built by Egyptians.

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